Lamp Shades

Add the finishing touches to your home decor and illuminate any room with our stunning lighting options available at Pottery Barn. Pair lamp shades to a variety of fixture from floor lamps to chandeliers for the perfect look. Our chandelier shades turn your entryway masterpiece or dining room table luminaries into gorgeous works of art. Our lamp shades are available in burlap, linen and cowhide so you can choose the right texture for your home to create a range of styles from rustic cabin to beach-inspired retreat.

Pair our lamp shades with table lamps to add lighting to your nightstands or side tables in the living room. Our burlap lamp shades feature an open-weave construction that filters light for a warm glow that is ideal for encouraging intimate conversation when entertaining guests or enjoying a terrific feature film. Our linen lampshades are available in both black and white so you can create a simple backdrop for vibrant designs or create a cohesive look in muted rooms. Cow hide lamp shades add soft texture to your space and pair well with rustic lighting options from antler chandeliers to table lamps featuring an oiled bronze finish. Match lamp shades to lighting accessories, such as cord covers, to keep things under wraps and present a cohesive, organized look.

Whatever lamp shade you choose, you’ll want to add light bulbs that offer the luminosity and light intensity for your specific needs. For table lamps in your home office, opt for a 60-watt light bulb that illuminates your desk and helps you see what you’re working on clearly and easily. For lamps where you want a softer, milder glow, opt for a 40-watt light bulb that emits just enough light to illuminate the room without appearing too bright. Our light bulbs are available in two types including traditional Edison bulbs for a classic look and teardrop bulbs that add reflective lighting and are suitable for lamps with exposed bulbs.

Our collection of custom lighting makes it easy to put your personal touch on lighting throughout your home. Start by selecting the ideal fixtures from floor lamps to chandeliers and pendants or sconces. Choose from a wide range of finishes including oiled bronze, chrome, satin nickel, polished nickel and copper. Next, pick out lamp shades that fit your style design and create a put-together look for your home. Finish off the customization with accessories and light bulbs that brighten up the room and make your home the ideal space for your favorite activities.