Lighting Accessories

One of the most useful and needed parts of any room’s decor, the lamps and light fixtures you use not only add needed light to make living comfortable, they're also aesthetically pleasing, with fixtures that showcase your tastes. Even after all your lamp and lighting choices are complete, you may need some lighting accessories for maintenance, or to perfect your look. For accessories that are as useful as they are elegant, we have everything you need for lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers and more at Pottery Barn.

Needing a replacement bulb is pretty commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that you have to choose common bulbs as your replacement. Shop our selection of filament and LED filament bulbs to add a perfect glow to any space. There are several types of filament light bulbs available. Look for a mid-wattage (such as 60W) teardrop filament bulb. Not too bright and not too brash, this type of bulb easily enlivens a room without being overbearing. Meant for any type of standard light bulb socket, such as an on/off switch or a table lamp, this type of bulb is excellent for lighting the way, for reading or for a touch of light at night. There are several wattage types available for several different needs. You may also prefer an LED filament that has an antique finish. With dimming capabilities, this type of bulb looks perfect in a room that already has a rustic or shabby chic feel.

You may find that you’re not a big fan of the cord that drops down from your pendant light. Perhaps it doesn’t complement your decor, or cords are just something you prefer to keep hidden. Accessories such as a burlap cord cover are the perfect solution for hiding unwanted lighting cords. Available in several different lengths, these easy covers slip right on and off, completely covering the cord. Great for pendant lighting, these covers are available in several different colors to easily blend in. You may also want to hang the cord for your pendant light or chandelier yourself, or have your electrician do it. If you want more than just a singular cord hanging down from the ceiling, there are several different kits available to make the design more aesthetically pleasing. For nautically themed or rustic rooms, you may like a pendant rope kit for your lamp. You can also choose a sleek pole with a finish of either bronze or nickel, or opt for a simple classic cord to install your own pendant light.