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Table Lamps

It can be a pleasure to decorate your bedroom when you choose distinctive Pottery Barn table lamps for your side tables, occasional tables and dressers. Whatever your bedroom style, there’s a lamp to complement it. Shedding light in the comfortable spaces of your bedroom can be a stylistic process with table lamps in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors. From traditional to inherently modern, lamps are both functional and beautifully decorative.

Imagine pairing table lamps with beautiful bedside tables and dressers. The rich wood tones and colors of the furniture can mesh effortlessly with the wide array of lamp styles we have available. Whether you choose a lamp base with a romantic flair or your bedroom style is more in line with a lamp displaying more solid lines, virtually any lamp looks right at home on one of these bedside tables.

After choosing a lamp base that fits your bedroom decor, it’s time to focus on the shade. The lamp shade is often the first thing you and others see when admiring your lamp, so you can use your shade to make a statement. With a variety of lamp shades and accessories available, choosing is a pleasure. You can’t go wrong with a drum lamp shade, because these shades fit so many different lamp base styles. How about burlap, linen or even cow hide for a distinctive lamp shade?

One winning decorative combination is the pairing of table lamps with mirrors. Mirrors serve as a beautiful way to reflect light in a bedroom, adding relaxing ambience to this space. When your mirror style complements the lamp style, the final effect can’t help but be stunning.

Although ideal in the bedroom, table lamps are right at home in other rooms as well. In fact, they are a lovely accent on console and entryway tables. From antique white to traditional rustic mahogany, a lamp or two on these tables helps create an inviting atmosphere in your entryway.

With a focus on stylish illumination, you may find yourself reaching for these lamps often when you need to shed some light on the subject. Adjustable lever lamps help you direct the light precisely where you need it when you are reading or working in bed. If it’s just mood light you seek, beautiful ambient accent lamps are the perfect solution. It’s even easy to mix and match your table lamps to create a pleasing assortment of task lighting.