Task Lamps

Task lamps get the job done when you need proper lighting. If you are working on a project at night, good lighting is key to stay on target and to prevent eye strain. These lamps can be situated to project lighting right where you need it. Tilt a floor lamp so that you are comfortable and able to read a good book. While providing adequate light, the lamps are decorative accessories in any room in your home. Choose from different colors and shapes to suit your decor and tastes. We have an excellent selection at Pottery Barn.

A table lamp is ideal on a desk in your home office or den. Utility-style desks have clean lines for a simple, no frills appearance. Wooden desks can go in a bedroom, den or study. With plenty of drawer space, they also have lots of storage. A secretary desk is a gorgeous piece of furniture that can take center stage in a foyer or living room. Some of the desks are adjustable and can be used while seated or standing. These are great for extended work hours to allow you to stretch a little.

Extra lighting might help out in the kitchen or dining room. It certainly makes reading cookbooks easier. Place a lamp on a buffet for soft lighting during a meal. Or if you need extra lighting while preparing dinner, use it along with an overhead chandelier. Buffets are super for storing extra serving dishes and table linens.

Use lamps outside on your covered porch or balcony. A light on an accent or side table helps make the outside living area more like an inside room. It gives off a cozy vibe where you’ll want to spend lots of time. Bond with Mother Nature while you sip coffee in the morning or relax with a glass of wine at night.

Lighting on a bath sink console ensures that you’ll get your mascara on perfectly or you won’t miss a spot shaving. A soft lamp creates a relaxing ambiance for a bubble bath before bed without the need to use overhead lighting. These consoles jazz up a bathroom and provide ample storage for cosmetics, towels and toiletries. Storing these items out of sight keeps a neat and tidy counter space.

Hang an accent mirror over the console for practical reasons when getting ready. But, these mirrors are stunning and add pizzazz whether you choose a funky design or a classic style. Bathrooms can be just as decorative as any other room.