Shades & Accessories

Add atmosphere to your living or working space with decorative drum lamp shades and accessories. Pottery Barn carries an excellent selection of contemporary and classic designs to help you reimagine the lighting in your home. Place a new shade on a table lamp in your living room to revamp the look of your lighting and add some new colors and textures to the space. Use a neutral shade on the task lamp on your desk to soften the light, creating a comfortable working space for homework, home office tasks or surfing the Internet. Browse our collection of lighting accessories to put together a custom style. Smaller details such as bulbs and cord covers can add the perfect finishing touches to your lighting decor.


If you are still planning lighting arrangements for your space, we also carry an excellent selection of lamps and lighting options. To add some brightness at eye level in your sitting and sleeping areas, place task and table lamps on surfaces such as shelves, side tables, bedside tables and desks. Use floor lamps to light up corners and any other areas that windows and lighting fixtures do not reach to create the appearance of a bright, open space. Add new fixtures such as pendants, sconces and wrought iron chandeliers to customize the style of your lighting. Browse our lighting and accessories collections for more inspiration and ideas.