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Shop Beautiful Brass Light Fixtures at Pottery Barn

Brass is a go-to finish in many homes and whether you're outfitting a formal space or a family room just for your loved ones, brass can add serious style to your look. Best of all, there are lots of ways to use brass light fixtures in your home. Keep reading to learn more about all of our offerings from brass pendant lights to sconces and more.

What Brass Light Fixtures Can I Buy?

Adding brass lighting fixtures is easy when you shop at Pottery Barn. Here are a few of the stylish options you can look for online today:

  • Brass table lamps. Light up your desk, bedside table and more with brass table lamps from Pottery Barn. Find small styles for undersized rooms, large lamps for oversized decor and angled task lamps that make it easy to get some work done in your home office.
  • Brass floor lamps. Your overhead lights might take care of the heavy lifting for your room, but floor lamps can help create an even lighting scheme that makes your room more comfortable. Look for a range of modern styles and heights to add a beautiful brass floor lamp to your formal living room, den or dining area.
  • Brass sconces. Ideal for entry areas, hallways and as decorative, yet useful lighting in the bedroom, brass sconces add an elegant touch to any wall they grace. Buy individual sconces or shop for pairs to create a symmetrical, refined look.
  • Brass chandeliers. Going for a big, bold look in your living room or dining area? Add a brass chandelier to get the stunning style you're after. Browse understated chandeliers and oversized and dramatic options to really make a statement.
  • Brass pendant lights. Pendant lights add amazing style when placed above your dining table or kitchen countertop seating area. Look for multi-bulb brass pendants to provide even lighting for larger spaces.
  • Mixed material brass lighting fixtures. Brass looks great in a variety of settings, but lamps and light fixtures that utilize other materials can look really special in your living room, dining room, bedroom or den. Look for glass lamps with brass bases, black and brass floor lamps and combination brass and crystal chandeliers. Sometimes mixing another material with your brass is exactly what the room needs.

Getting ready to update your room or add a few new decorative elements to your home? There's no better way to upgrade your space without spending a fortune than new lighting. Shop our selection of brass fixtures today. You can also find essential items that'll do double duty in your home like ceiling fans that include lights.