One Item, Many Ways

Pittsburgh Crank Desk

In the office, kitchen and living room, this adjustable
desk offers surface space at just the right height.

Use It as A Desk

Transform any corner into an
instant workstation by raising
the desktop to a standing desk
position. When you’re ready to
rest, lower it and take a seat.

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Use It as A Console Table

Lower the desk to the height of a
console table and place it at the
sofa’s back. This will define your
room and give you extra surface
area to stack books, add lighting
and showcase your favorite decor.

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Use It as A Bistro Table

No room for a dining table?
No problem! Simply adjust the desk
to a height that accommodates your
chairs or barstools, and let brunch
commence. Or, if you need more
counter space, crank it up.

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How It Works

Versatile, functional and stylish,
the Pittsburgh Crank Desk
features an easy-on-the wrist
crank and locking mechanism
for easy lifting and lowering.

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