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Easter Decorations To Ring in Spring

Prepare for celebrations of spring with Easter decorations that bring color and cheer to your whole home. Look to the traditional motifs, plus a few modern takes on the old favorites, to adorn your home with style and fanfare. Light-hearted, whimsical and brimming with pastel accents, the Easter decor of today still integrates with your high-end furnishings, tabletop and artwork for a sophisticated interior atmosphere.

Easter Colors and Motifs

To bring out the best of the season, rely on classic Easter colors and motifs. These pretty shades of pink, light red, yellow, grass green, sky blue and violet stay in style year after year. As you curate a collection of newer Easter decorations, look for creative takes on the eternal favorites.

  • Bunnies are the prime mascot of the Easter season. An icon of all of spring, you can start to dress your home with bunny motifs as soon as the first thaw warms the ground. Shop for statues of matching bunnies in different poses to create a meadow scene or enjoy a playful take on their round bellies and big ears.
  • Baskets are another Easter classic. Usually stuffed with faux grass, candy or eggs as gifts, you can use them as decor everywhere in your home, too. Put them on credenzas, buffets, side tables and countertops.
  • Flowers, especially lilacs, brighten the mood and get everyone excited for spring. Indulge in big bouquets or treat yourself to high-quality faux flowers that you can enjoy after Easter and year-round.
  • Eggs are central to both decorating and tabletop. Color yours or decorate with exacting pinhole techniques for morning hunts or to place in decorative bowls.
  • Before the big search, pepper your home with inspirational egg decor to get your imagination churning for when its time to paint your own.

Selecting Your Easter Table Decor

One of the most memorable parts of Easter is a big brunch or lunch party with friends and family. Create a springtime tabletop to delight your loved ones while you serve and share amazing dishes.

  • Select special plates featuring bunnies, chicks, flowers and other familiar themes. Use them for salads, appetizers or as the main course plates.
  • Make sure you have plenty of glasses on hand for wine, champagne, cocktails, juice and water. Coffee and tea cups are likely to be used all morning, too.
  • Choose charming platters and serveware, like trays to serve bread rolls and pastry or finely-crafted egg cups.
  • Look to your favorite springtime hues for Easter runners and other linens, so you can use them for the rest of the season.

Easter Centerpieces and Tableaus

Take the time to create unique Easter centerpieces for your meals, too. With so much focus on baskets, remembering to design a personalized tableau at each place setting lends an extra element of care that surpasses everyone's expectations. Curate lots of appealing decorative elements for the table as a whole so that you can have a main centerpiece and branched decoration clusters placed throughout serving dishes.