Easter Glassware to Add Sparkle to Your Table

Easter glassware - pitchers, decanters, carafes, drinking glasses and other pieces - is an essential component of a well-styled table. Choose between patterned, etched and pressed glass to create a look that you and your guests will love.

Glass Pitchers for Easter

Serve your guests in style with a glass pitcher designed to complement your Easter decor. Choose a basketweave crystal pitcher to stick to an Easter theme, pick etched glass that's versatile enough to use any time, or opt for a glass pitcher that features simple, clean lines and goes with everything. Look for BPA- and lead-free glass pitchers to serve iced tea, lemonade, mixed drinks or water - with the right design, your guests will toast your design sense.

Decanters and Carafes

The right decanter can make a tremendous impact on your table's style. Choose a sparkling crystal glass decanter designed to draw out a red wine's flavor and elevate your guests' experiences, or pick a simple decanter made for equal parts style and function. Opt for a corked carafe for water and other drinks to bring balance to your space and make serving easy, or choose something more simple that's versatile enough to use any time.

Easter Glassware Basics: Drinking Glasses


Serve your guests' favorite libations with dignified style by choosing the perfect Easter glassware. Opt for a set of basketweave crystal cocktail glasses in keeping with springtime holiday themes or choose a simple, clear glass that you can use throughout the year and on your favorite holidays. Look for special beer glasses designed to maintain a good ale or stout's temperature, beautifully shaped brandy snifters, tall and elegant martini glasses, or other glassware designed for your most-requested drinks. Look for lead-free crystal glass cristallin, pressed glass or etched glass to build a complete look for your home bar or dinner table.

Champagne and Wine Glasses

Reds, whites, rosés and champagne all belong in specialized glasses, which means your set of glassware for entertaining isn't complete until you have the basics. Choose wide, rounded red wine glasses with or without stems to delight your guests and pick tall, slender-bodied white wine glasses for those who prefer lighter drinks. Always keep a set of champagne flutes on-hand as well, whether they're clear or etched glass; that way, you'll always be well-equipped for celebrating.

Easter glassware is an essential addition to your collection. With the right styles, you can pull your drinkware, carafes and decanters out each season ready to use, or you can pick glassware that's versatile enough to use all year.