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Add a Little Movie Magic to Your Dinner Table with HARRY POTTER™ Dinnerware

HARRY POTTER™ is pretty much everyone's favorite grade school wizard. While you might be more used to seeing HARRY POTTER™ on the big screen, there are a few ways you can bring the wonderful world of Hogwarts to your table. Use this guide to learn more about HARRY POTTER™  dinnerware and why you should add it to your table setting.

Why Buy HARRY POTTER™ Dinnerware?

You love the movies, but there's a little more to be had at home. Here are a few reasons you should add these delightful pieces to your table:

  • They make a great addition to any bar area or table. With a variety of snack-focused pieces in the HARRY POTTER™ dinnerware collection it's easy to add some whimsical style to your coffee table, countertop, bar or dining table.
  • You might get your kids to eat their vegetables! Break out your HARRY POTTER™ dinner plates and watch them gobble down all their healthy snacks.
  • They make great gifts for wizard-loving hosts and hostesses. Pick up a selection of these items and give them to friends and family as wonderful gifts for hosting parties.

What HARRY POTTER™ Dinnerware Pieces Can I Buy?

Ready to add a new look to your table or complement your existing dinnerware with a few fun items? Here are some of the pieces you can add to your setup:

  • Table throws. Decorate your dining table with a unique themed throw. They're great for showing off a centerpiece or adding style to a simple table setting.
  • Coasters. Protect your table and add a whimsical touch to your home with a set of HARRY POTTER™ coasters.
  • Tumblers. Ideal for juice or a quick glass of water, HARRY POTTER™ themed tumblers come in sets of four so you've got a few to go around.
  • Appetizer plates. Complement your existing dinnerware by adding HARRY POTTER™​​​​​​​ plates to your table. Try them for appetizers, small plated salads or snacks like sliced fruit and vegetables.
  • Snack servers. Useful for nuts, candy and bar setups, these snack servers add a lighthearted look to your snack tray.
  • Candles. Turn off the lights and tell stories about your favorite wizard using our special HARRY POTTER™​​​​​​​ candle pots. You can even use them to set the mood for a relaxing soak in the tub once the kids drift off to sleep.

Bring a little magic to your next meal with a wide range of table and dinnerware pieces from the HARRY POTTER™​​​​​​​ Collection at Pottery Barn. You can also find tons of fun, whimsical plates, serving platters, juice glasses, tumblers and more to outfit your table and have some fun while you're doing it.