Into the Blue
Into the Blue

The color of the sky and sea, you can never have too much blue.

Bring a serene vibe to your living room, bedroom and beyond with

a mix of navy, cobalt and sky blue.

Browse Beautiful Teal and Navy Bedding at Pottery Barn

Blue is one of those colors that works with understated neutral spaces, bold rooms with lots of patterns and austere minimal designs. No matter what shade of blue you love, blue bedding is an ideal choice to make your master bedroom, guest space or even a teenager's room really shine.

Shop Pottery Barn today to find a wide range of navy bedding, teal styles, colorful prints that incorporate lots of blue and more. You'll also be able to find a variety of sizes to fit every bed in the house.

What Blue Bedding Styles Are Available?

Blue is a go-to in many spaces and with our selection of sheets, duvets, comforters, blankets and pillows, you can find every single piece you need to put in place. You can even find sets or mix-and-match to create your ideal look. Here are a few must-have styles you can find at Pottery Barn right now:

  • Navy bedding. A mainstay in interior design, navy is a color that won't ever go out of date. Best of all, it will add tons of depth and richness to your transitional or more modern bedroom. Looking for a slightly brighter style? Check out our range of teal bedding for a smart look that's great for lighter spaces.
  • Classic striped bedding. Stripes add texture and definition to your room while giving you a little bit of classic charm. Look for monochromatic stripes for a modern look. Go for striped styles that mix in more colors to liven up a bedroom that feels a little dull.
  • Printed and patterned bedding. Create a space that's uniquely your own with bold prints and unique patterns. At Pottery Barn, you can find everything from whimsical nautical prints to simple geometric block styles. Go for subtle shades of blue or find bedding that blends blue with other colors that work in your room.
  • Textured bedding styles. Bridging the gap between solid bedding and printed patterns, textured bedding gives you extra visual interest without stealing the show from your other furnishings. Understated and stylish, it's a go-to in clean contemporary bedrooms.

Bedding plays a significant role in how well you sleep each night and we all know how important a good night's rest really is. Your bedding is also a major player in your room's design, so it should never be an afterthought. Shop Pottery Barn today to find solid navy bedding, colorful teal, classic stripes, printed patterns and more. You can also find essentials like duvet inserts, pillows, pillow shams and extra sheet sets.