Into the Blue
Into the Blue

The color of the sky and sea, you can never have too much blue.

Bring a serene vibe to your living room, bedroom and beyond with

a mix of navy, cobalt and sky blue.

Soften Your Spaces with Blue Throw Pillows from Pottery Barn

Throw pillows can add depth and dimension to your interior design scheme and bring your soft surfaces like sofas, sectionals and occasional chairs to life. With our selection of blue throw pillows, you can add bold navy, bright teal and a range of printed, patterned styles to give your room a modern feel. Use this guide to learn more about our selection of blue throw pillows at Pottery Barn.

Why Use Throw Pillows?

You see throw pillows on almost every piece of furniture made to sit on. If you're like a lot of people though, you wonder if they're really a must-have for your room. Here are a few reasons to use throw pillows as part of your decor:

  • They're comfortable! Throw pillows help soften sofas and chairs, giving you the essential support you need. They're especially important in areas where you spend a lot of time lounging like the game room, family room or den.
  • Blue throw pillows add a sense of elegant design and softness to your room. Tie together disparate decor elements and colors and play into your accessories and wall art. The right throw pillows can add as much style to any room as items like rugs and lighting.

What Blue Throw Pillows Can I Buy?

With so many gorgeous pillows to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which style you want for your home. We think that's a pretty good problem to have! Here are a few top looks you can shop for at Pottery Barn:

  • Solid-colored pillows. Create designer-inspired spaces with blue pillows that add dazzling depth to your room. Choose from solid navy or bright blue pillows with subtle textures for a refined den or formal space.
  • Embroidered styles. Looking for a pillow to add to a room that needs a serious style update? Embroidered pillows in blue add texture, depth and minimal patterns to your room. Match them to existing colors or go for something truly unique that will stand out.
  • Pillows with prints and patterns. Marvelous and modern, pillows with prints and patterns like geometric blocks or abstract designs can liven up any room in minutes. Traditional designs featuring floral patterns and paisley looks add a soft touch ideal for transitional rooms.

Shop Pottery Barn today to find blue throw pillows for your sofa, sectional, chairs and beds. You can also find blue throw blankets, wall hangings, tapestries, coastal prints and more blue items in our stores and online.