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Brighten Up Your Bedroom with Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

If you're looking for punchy color and cheerful patterns, look no further than Lilly Pulitzer bedding. This gorgeous, saturated bedding is turning up in the homes of grand dames, style mavens and long-time collectors of this joyful heritage line of textiles. Lilly Pulitzer has been a lifestyle icon for decades, thanks to ultimately covetable, Florida-inspired florals, brights and patterns. Dress your bed with duvets, sheets, shams and more to transform your bedroom today.

Why Everyone Loves Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer bedding is a hit because of its bold exuberance and high-quality design. Made of pure cotton and printed with deep colors that make care easy, this bedding belongs in your home as soon as you're ready for upbeat beauty and one-of-a-kind pattern.

  • Signature colors include the hues of Palm Beach, Florida, where the Lilly Pulitzer lifestyle reigns. Fall in love with turquoise, hot coral pink, jungle green and splashes of sunny yellow. Colors are vivid and spirited.
  • Lilly Pulitzer patterns are so inviting. Inspired by resort living, bedding includes hibiscus, jungle, pineapple and half-mandala patterns. Newer patterns, available now, include vines and monstera plant leaves.
  • While the aesthetic is always high-sunshine, carefree living, the look translates into any home. Pair your Lilly Pulitzer bedding with cottage looks, all-white rooms, ornate gold-accented spaces and more.

Beautiful Bedding Patterns

Look for patterns that reflect your sense of fun. The pattern work of Lilly Pulitzer makes these linens instantly recognizable, even when you choose a newer style, like stamped pink pineapples or hot pink pineapple damask.

  • The pineapple is a motif for Lilly Pulitzer. Admire splashes of jungle and spring green as textile artists give the fruit of hospitality an almost-leafy look. This is a unique print for a unique room.
  • Create a striking balance with a jungle-inspired print of pink flowers and turquoise background against dazzling white. Some shams even reverse to white, so you can keep the look fresh and new.
  • Get the best of everything with patchwork patterns that include all the statement prints in one piece, like a quilt or shams.

Transforming Your Bedroom with Key Pieces

Select your Lilly Pulitzer bedding today to transform your bedroom or a guest room in no time. These elements offer a dramatic look immediately. It's as simple as making the bed.

If you love the style, add more pieces. Choose key details, like gold-toned monstera leaf art objects to hang on the wall for a new Lilly Pulitzer signature motif. Indulge in the coordinating table lamps or treat yourself to a beautiful settee or armchair. Remember--this is a look, but it's also a lifestyle, so feel free to go big with it.