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Storage Baskets

Lidded Baskets

Underbed Baskets

Laundry Baskets & Hampers

Types of Storage Baskets

Fulfill your commitment to keeping a more organized home with versatile storage baskets from Pottery Barn’s diverse collection. Woven and wicker baskets in a variety of sizes and shapes are your secret allies in the quest for home organization. Put baskets to use in every space of your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the home office. Unlike drawers and specialty containers, baskets allow you to tidy rooms effortlessly and quickly store everyday clutter out of sight.

Select a set of storage baskets in dimensions that tuck into your wall organization system. Collect all of the random items that end up scattered around the room, such as DVDs, books or game pieces. In the living room, use baskets for remotes, video game controllers, magazines and extra power cords. Tall baskets are excellent firewood and kindling holders to keep wood chips and flakes off the floor. In the bedroom, use baskets to store socks, pet toys and extra sheet sets. In the bathroom, baskets hold health-and-beauty products, folded washcloths and makeup. If your office needs an organizational refresh, use baskets to contain books, staplers, writing implements and other office supplies. Baskets arranged under the console in your entryway provide a convenient place to toss hats and gloves and keep cozy house slippers ready for inside wear. No matter where you need storage space, baskets come to the rescue.

People living in smaller apartments and homes need creative ways to store clothing, bedding and other home goods. Use underbed baskets for discreet storage of these belongings. Underbed baskets are available in covered styles that keep dust and debris off your items. Use covered styles to organize sweaters, quilts and seasonal sportswear. Open-topped underbed baskets are the best choice when you want easier access to the item. Use them to hold shoes, purses and other accessories. Underbed baskets also hold books and magazines close to your reading spot in bed.

The gorgeous textures and natural colors of our woven baskets enhance the decor of any room. Use dark wicker and other deeper-shaded baskets in rooms furnished with richly hued upholstery and drapery. Choose light-colored and heavily textured fiber baskets to add interest to coastal-style and minimalist rooms. Zinc and metal baskets are designed to enhance urban and industrial decorating themes, but feel free to use the more utilitarian metal baskets in cottage-style and rustic rooms to add contemporary accents. Choose baskets with interesting features and shapes to mimic or pull out other elements in your rooms.

To clean bins and totes from our collections, follow the instructions provided with the products for best results. Baskets woven of natural materials should never be submerged in water as they will lose their shape. Dust your woven baskets with a feather duster or soft-bristled paintbrush to knock dirt loose from the fibers. Use a slightly damp cloth to blot up spots, then wipe the area and allow the spot to dry before placing back on the shelf. Rotate basket positions from time to time so air can circulate around the containers. Use furniture pads on the bottoms of baskets to protect the bases and make the containers easier to slide off shelves and basket stacks.

Grease is the enemy of woven baskets, so keep baskets away from frying foods and oil-soaked garage floors. If you use baskets to store any food items, line with plastic bags and only use baskets for food items. Avoid placing strong-smelling liquids and lotions in baskets, as the fibers will take on the scents. Label basket sets on bookcases and cabinets to more easily find items and keep the right stuff in the right basket. Use tags, stickers or even metal house numbers to assign specific bins and baskets to individuals or to specific categories of household items.