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Keep Things Neat and Secure with Baskets with Lids

Let's face it, we all could use some extra storage throughout the home to help declutter. So why not make it both functional and fashionable? Whether you're looking for storage options for the bedroom, living area, or even outdoors, you'll be able to find smart basket choices in wicker, rattan, seagrass and more at Pottery Barn. Not only are they perfect for storage, lidded baskets help keep things neat, organized and secure.

Keep a Lid On

Regular storage baskets are great, but baskets with lids really help contain those items you'd prefer to be hidden, such as laundry or underclothes, or to keep toys organized and out of the way. Get two baskets with lids for the laundry so you can easily differentiate between regular and delicate wash items. Most baskets also come with convenient cut-out or round side handles for easy carry.

Add a Decorative Touch

Keep a storage basket near the fireplace for newspapers to help stoke the fire. If the fireplace isn't wood-burning, the basket can add a homey, authentic touch to the space and keeps the papers contained for recycling day. If the goal is more about show than storage, try decorative baskets for subtly displaying books, magazines and glass or wooden decorative balls.

Storing Doesn't Have to be Boring

Storage baskets from Pottery Barn come in all shapes and sizes: from the ubiquitous square shape, to deep angles and even tulip-shaped for a contemporary touch to any space.

For the bedroom, store mementos, books and clothes in shorter storage baskets under the bed to keep an open feel to the room.

Not Just for Indoors

Spend a lot of time outdoors, at the pool or in the yard? You'll undoubtedly need outdoor storage baskets to hold everything you'll need for a perfect day outdoors: toys, books, sunscreen and towels, to name a few. Or maybe you need some extra baskets to store pillows and blankets for easy reach. Best of all, these baskets are made with weather-resistant wicker so they can be stored outside safely all season long.

No matter if you're organizing for inside or outside, you'll find the right storage solution for everything from linens and pet toys to recycling at Pottery Barn. Gone are the days of clunky, heavy storage boxes; discover softer versions in lighter tones and modern shapes, in a variety of sizes to suit any area and function.