Bins and Baskets

At Pottery Barn, we think that organization should be stylish and functional. With our wide range of bins and baskets, you’re sure to find stunning style while increasing storage in any space, large or small. Keep your home and car organized with baskets specifically to help you conquer clutter. Car organizers are terrific for road trips or picnic outings since you can store food and beverages upright easily without worrying about things toppling over when you take a turn. When keeping your home garden looking like a masterpiece, our tool caddies help you keep all the essentials right at hand. You can even keep one in your artist’s studio to organize all of your tools from paintbrushes to clay.

Sometimes, you want to keep your storage under wraps and that’s where our baskets with lids come in. Keep lingerie delicately tucked away or store magazines and books in lidded baskets for a neat, organized look. Our baskets and bins come in a variety of styles to suit your home decor. Canvass bins add a casual, refined silhouette to any space while woven baskets add texture and dimension. Made of seagrass, rattan and wicker, our baskets can stand up to the test of time. Step outside the box with baskets in sculptural shapes such as barrels or featuring angled lids for a geometric look.

Keep linens and seasonal clothing neatly concealed with our underbed baskets. Particularly suited for small spaces, these baskets greatly increase your storage without taking up much space. Because most people don’t use the underside of beds for decor, you can also add a bit of style with these baskets. Underbed baskets featuring handles are ideal for storage that you need consistent access to since they are easier to retrieve. A divided basket allows you to organize your organization and keep things neatly separated for ease of access. Rectangular baskets are ideal for blankets and sheets while square bins are better suited for shoe storage.

Make a big statement with oversize baskets that take your storage options even further. Place a rectangular oversize basket at the foot of your bed for extra storage and even a cozy seating space when getting ready in the morning. Mix and match several basket sizes to create depth and dimension in your storage. Neatly arrange three baskets in a corner or strategically disperse them around one room for stunning style. Use a cylindrical tote base to store building plans in the office or opt for a shallow, square basket that you can use to display drinks for an outdoor party.

While bins and baskets are useful throughout the house, they’re most commonly recognized as workhorses in the laundry room. Our laundry baskets add bold style to your washing routine. Go for an industrial vibe with wire hampers and opt for one with wheels so you can roll it from the laundry room to the bedroom easily. A canvas bin or tote offers diversified functionality since it’s stylish enough to be your beach bag as well as your laundry bag. Save floor space and keep linens corralled with a hanging hamper that easily hangs from a wall-mounting peg rail. Many of our baskets can be monogrammed so you can add a name or word to help with sorting.

When it comes to organization and storage, bins and baskets are true gems. Slide woven baskets into your bookshelf or media center to store DVDs, books and references while creating a gorgeous furniture piece. You can even add baskets to your closet for accessories storage or place one in the entryway so you can pick out the best pair of shoes to face the day. Don’t be afraid to play with texture and contrast by selecting different styles of bins and baskets to suit your storage needs.