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Lovely Laundry Baskets and Laundry Sorters

Though doing the laundry is not exactly a fun household chore, you can make the task more efficient with the right laundry baskets from Pottery Barn. These bins and baskets not only serve as a space to store your dirty clothes but are also stylish enough to sit anywhere in your bedroom, bathroom or laundry room. Choose from a wide variety of basket styles including basic baskets, bins with wheels and laundry sorters.

Basic Laundry Baskets

The simplest laundry hampers at Pottery Barn come in two basic shapes: wide and oval and tall and rectangular. While oval baskets are smaller and easier to transport from room to room, rectangular baskets take up less floor space and hold a lot of laundry at once. Both bin types come with cut-out handles on either side to give you a better grip while transferring clothing.

  • These laundry baskets are crafted of durable, natural seagrass that's both beautiful and sustainable. They look great alongside Pottery Barn's other woven storage baskets.
  • You can also line your hampers with basket liners to add extra color and style. These liners double as laundry bags that can be easily removed for transport.
  • Some rectangular baskets also come with lids to keep your dirty clothes out of sight.

Laundry Bins with Wheels

Even if you happen to have a main-floor laundry room in your home, transporting heavy loads of clothing to and from the bedroom can be an arduous task. Protect yourself from muscle strain by equipping your home with rolling laundry carts. Complete with a sturdy metal base and four swiveling casters, these carts can be easily maneuvered through narrow hallways and tight spaces. Some even come with a built-in wheel lock so they'll only roll when you want them to.

  • Wheeled laundry bins are essential for anyone living in an apartment building with shared laundry facilities or a dorm room.
  • Wheeled bins will also come in handy for transportation if you need to get a lot of laundry done at once at a laundromat.
  • Because these bins are so easy to move, younger children can also be tasked with bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room on washing day.

Divided Laundry Hampers

While basic laundry baskets only have one large compartment for laundry storage, divided hampers feature two sections separated by a divider. Each section has individual laundry bags as liners. Instead of throwing all your clothing into one basket, you can use these handy laundry tools to sort as you go, eliminating an extra step on laundry day.

There are many ways you can use these divided laundry hampers to sort your clothing:

  • Keep your white clothing looking bright by using one side for dark clothing and one side only for light clothing.
  • Separate delicate items, like undergarments and silk tops, from regular cotton or polyester clothing so they don't get damaged in a heavy wash cycle.
  • Split regular day wear from sports jerseys and gym clothes that may need an extra thorough washing.
  • Use one side to store your clothing and the other for only your partner's garments.

Laundry day is made simple with the right laundry baskets in your home. These gorgeous laundry bags, bins and baskets keep your dirty clothes off the ground and contained to one spot in style. With both basic and upgraded options to choose from, you can easily find the right laundry storage to fit your needs at Pottery Barn.