Laundry Baskets and Hampers

After a good workout or a day of gardening, the last thing you want is to have a pile of sweaty, dirty clothes ruining your new rug or bathroom floor. Whether you need a tall, vertical storage bin or handy laundry basket on wheels, our assortment of Laundry Baskets and Hampers has just the item you need to keep your living space neat, clean and aroma-free. Made of metal, woven material and more, laundry baskets and hampers come in various styles that fit right into the surrounding décor.

At Pottery Barn, our bins and baskets range from small, round pieces that store nicely in a corner to square bins that fit underneath a bed. If you're planning less frequent trips to the washing machine, consider getting a durable basket with carrying handles. Hampers, which have removable and washable linen linings, do wonders for removing odors. Remove their linings and wash them with the next round of whites.

To keep your laundry room, bathroom or bedroom smelling fresh and to protect cotton, linens and other delicate items from rodents and other household pests, put a lid on your dirty laundry. Our baskets with lids collection features an array of laundry baskets and hampers. Look for an all-in-one basket with a liner to wick away scents and keep your beautiful woven basket looking and smelling like new. Some baskets have handy dual compartment designs to separate your white and dark clothes. For places that are tight on space, you can turn your lidded basket into a creative storage accessory by stacking books and other collectibles on top.

When bathroom clothing storage is not an option, consider our underbed baskets. They come in convenient shapes and sizes to maximize horizontal storage space without adding height. Lidded baskets, sealed with a lock or zipper, do double duty of eliminating odors and preventing moths from destroying your favorite garments. Stylish and space-efficient, a stacked set stores blankets, pillow cases and linens. Woven baskets give your room a rustic accent while sturdy and versatile canvas blends in easily with any neutral décor.

For industrial laundry loads or heavy items like blankets and towels, check out our oversize baskets page. Built with sturdy materials like wicker and rattan, they bring stylish storage into your living space. Many have equally sturdy carrying handles to make your trips to the laundry machine hassle free. Decorative and durable, they make terrific tools for storing other household items like beach towels, toys and throws.

Now that you have clothing storage taken care of, it's time to consider other aspects of clothing care. Our practical laundry organization accessories include basics like drying racks, storage shelves and hangers. Wall-mounted drying racks fold up when not in use, which does wonders for saving space. For easy trips to and from the laundry room, consider getting a laundry cart with wheels. Get button-down shirts and slacks ready for wear with an iron and ironing board, which you can easily store in a linen closet. A clothing rack keeps them from wrinkling after ironing. Search for one with a bottom shelf that stores footwear and other accessories.

In addition to managing your laundry, now is the best time to organize your towels, toiletries and other related products. The wall organizers inventory includes appealing and practical caddies, baskets, mirrors and shelves with hooks. Storing shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and other liquids in a sturdy wall-mounted caddy, for instance, removes clutter from your bathroom and protects surrounding surfaces from stains. Similarly, a mirror with hooks dresses up a bathroom wall and keeps your bathrobe or towel off the floor.

To really keep your clothes in top shape, wash and dry them according to provided instructions. Apply stain stick to soiled clothes that you can't wash immediately, and use a mesh bag to wash delicate items.