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The Not-So-Secret Under Bed Storage Basket

Woven bins and baskets have been storage essentials for long enough that you could consider them classics. Now, your favorite organizational method gets even smarter with the under bed storage basket. This lower-profile version is designed to slide under your bed frame to save you space and keep what you need handy when you need it. The under-the-bed location doesn't mean it's meant to be out of sight, though. These bins are finely crafted and feature wonderful neutral colors. Let them peek out from under a bed skirt or high wooden bed frame. When your solutions are this good looking, there's nothing wrong with showing off how well-organized you are.

How To Use Your Under Bed Storage Basket

Your under bed storage basket can be used for a medley of purposes, all of them convenient, simple and stylish. Consider all you can do with your baskets to figure out how many you need to bring home today.

  • Fold out-of-season clothes to reclaim closet space. Sweaters and bikinis can trade places, while transitional items stay on a closet bar or in a tall dresser.
  • Keep extra sheets close to where you need them. If you keep a hamper made of a similar weave nearby, you can create a seamless system for making the bed with almost no effort.
  • Protect mementoes of years gone by. When you use an under bed storage basket, you can still pull out old memories, but you don't have to worry about them getting banged around by kids or pets or during household tasks.

Building Stylish Organizational Systems

Integrate your baskets with the rest of your home's organization systems for a solid way to feel calm and collected at home. A streamlined set of bins, baskets, hooks, racks and more help you get chores done quickly, keep your rooms neat and make it easier to find the little things you need throughout the day.

  • Choose a palette for your organizational systems. For instance, an under bed storage basket in deep browns looks stately and refined with dark brown wood finish shelving and blacksmith-inspired rail systems.
  • Keep similar items in the same type of storage. Put a basket or two under each bed, so that each family member can maintain their own stash of childhood blankets and sports jerseys or cleaning supplies to tidy the place up.
  • Complement under bed storage with clearly visible storage. With new styles like lidded baskets or under bed baskets on wheels, it's never been easier to incorporate these elements.

Grab a few of these handy, beautifully made baskets for your family and start getting organized together in a matter of just a few hours or less.