Calendars and Daily Organization Systems

Creating a stunning yet functional home often means staying on top of a daily routine. With the calendars and daily organization systems we have at Pottery Barn, we make it easy for you to identify tasks and duties that need to be completed. To make the most out of your home organization and storage, we’ve made it easy to mix and match the pieces that best suit your needs. These systems are best suited for use in the entryway, kitchen or home office and can even be used as a sort of command center to ensure the family is on the same page.

For your home office or art studio, pinboards add wall space where you can keep track of deadlines or display family photos or works of art with ease. Pin up your child’s latest painting or drawing to show him or her how much you feel about them. In the office, pinboards are a terrific place to keep memos so you can monitor company projects or upcoming meetings. Many of our daily organization systems feature modular pieces, meaning that you can mix and match the items you want for a custom design. An alternative to linen pinboards, you can also opt for corkboard designs that add a casual touch.

Another great option for keeping track of fluid events is a chalkboard. Featuring a nostalgic air that is reminiscent of classrooms from decades past, these boards are stylish and functional. Crafted of MDF and available in black or white painted finishes and espresso or rustic mahogany-stained finishes, there’s a color to match most home decor. Some of our chalkboards also feature a magnetic backing so you can use fun kitchen magnets to add comic relief or use magnets to pin up assignments and notes. Chalkboards are also terrific creative tools in children’s bedrooms and offer a space for them to draw and be creative without taking up floor space.

Commonly used in kitchens, entryways and home offices, dry erase boards are eco-friendly and can be updated in seconds so you always know that information is up to date. Hang a whiteboard in the entryway to inform the family of an upcoming vacation or to ensure they have their homework as they head out the door. Use the dry erase board in the kitchen to write down that night’s dinner menu or the grocery shopping list. For use in the home office, you can use a ruler to create sections for a home calendar that helps you keep track of fluctuating deadlines.

Because chalkboards and dry erase boards don’t require the use of paper, these are environmentally friendly options for homes that like to leave less of a footprint. Pair boards with wall organizers to keep papers and documents organized. Adding a letter bin to the entryway or home office can help keep track of incoming mail and pieces that need to be sent out immediately. Most of our organizers feature front labels so you can identify and update your storage to suit your needs easily. A framed mirror with hooks is also at home in the entryway and allows every member of the family to grab accessories and take one last look at his or her clothing before heading out the door.

Units featuring a combination of shelves and hooks are ideal for small spaces as they add vertical storage without taking up any floor space. Mount a row of hooks in the mudroom to keep winter jackets and ski gear out of the dry house. Use hooks to store hats and scarves and add a catchall to shelf surfaces to collect trinkets and important items, such as keys. Our build-your-own options ensure you get just the right amount of storage for your home.