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Entryway Accessories

Welcome guests and family to your home with entryway accessories that make each moment spent inside your home a joy. At Pottery Barn, we know that walking into a cluttered entryway can make the rest of the home feel stuffy and disorganized. Whether you have a narrow space or large foyer, we offer a wide range of storage options to help you keep things neat and tidy. In addition to entryway furniture, you want to make sure you add storage pieces that help to corral all the items that are typically removed upon entering a home. When deciding on your storage needs, itʼs important to think about the way in which you use your entryway.

If you live in a climate where it snows or rains often, you want to choose accessories storage for weather gear, such as jackets and umbrellas. A boot tray is a suitable addition to the front porch or in the front closet. These trays offer an elevated rack with a tray underneath designed to catch the snow and slush as the boots dry, keeping floors clean and dry. Pair these trays with an umbrella stand, and you will rest easy knowing that your floors are protected. If your lifestyle has you constantly changing shoes, a two-tiered shoe rack offers plenty of storage so you can get ready and out the door in a hurry.

Entryways are often overlooked as rooms that people simply pass through on their way elsewhere and is often the reason for clutter to build up in this space. Make your entryway more welcoming by adding storage benches that invite guests to take a seat for a moment. A coat and hat rack offers the perfect place to hang up scarves and other accessories in a neat fashion. For busy entryways or evenings of entertaining, a clothing rack is an ideal spot for guests to hang up their gear.

Benches turn entryways into statement pieces while also allowing you to easily put on shoes and accessories. Keep these storage benches organized by adding bins and baskets to open shelving. If you have a large family, you can assign a basket to each member of the family so they always know where to find their things. If your entryway is too small for a storage bench, you can use baskets to create a similar effect without taking up so much floor space. Woven baskets add bold style and turn any entryway into a work of art that guests will admire.

For small or narrow spaces, wall organizers create vertical storage without taking up floor space or making the hallway feel crowded. A mail organizer keeps you on top of incoming and outgoing items while purses and totes can be placed in wall cubbies for easy access. Cubbies are great for households with children so you can ensure they have everything they need for school. Have your children place their school gear in a cubby when they get home and grab it on the way out. This way, they wonʼt leave anything behind or strewn about the house. Wire racks add an industrial touch that pairs well with rustic designs while glass shelves add a contemporary touch.

Small homes and narrow entryways benefit from shelves and hooks as they increase storage and space for home decor. Mount shelves directly above storage benches to increase the modular storage space or place one beneath a mirror for a mini vanity that allows you to double check your hair and accessories when heading off to work or to run errands. With cast-iron details and a range of wood finishes from mahogany to seadrift, youʼre sure to find shelving that suits your style.