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Gabrielle Collection

The Gabrielle Collection has an assortment of organizing components for every room in your house. Multi-purpose sets and individual pieces allow you to utilize them to meet your household needs.

Organize the garage with a wall-mounted modular set that includes metal shelving, pegs and mango wood rails. Hang tools, cords and supplies to keep them off the floor and readily available. Keep a woven recycling bin in the garage to store recyclables until trash pick-up day. Dividers keep papers separated from cans and bottles. Wheels under the basket make it easy to move around.

Keep your garden tools organized with a garden shed organizer that has a shelf, hanging basket, pegs and rails. Gardening gloves and seed packets can be stored in the handy basket. Put trowels, pruning sheers and digging forks on the pegs. With potting soil and some plants, you can fill up your outdoor pots and planters. Galvanized metal, clay, cement and woven planters are all suited for the outside. Fill them with flowering varieties and evergreens to adorn your patios and porches. Or plant culinary herbs like rosemary, oregano and sage for homegrown seasoning in your cooking.

Use a hanging wire multi-shelf and basket in your pantry to store your dried herbs, canned goods and cooking staples. You can categorize your canned goods with veggies in one section, fruits together, soups and nuts. The sturdy iron shelving includes a wicker basket sized to fit neatly on one of the shelves. The basket is ideal for storing onions and potatoes. Galvanized canisters and stoneware crocks can store flour, sugar, tea bags, coffee beans and other essentials. They will fit neatly in a row on the shelves. When you open up the pantry door, you’ll be able to find what you need at a quick glance. The containers with airtight lids will keep foods fresh longer. Label the crocks with a permanent marker or use stick-on labels for all your containers to mark the ingredients.

This collection also includes an organizer for the laundry room to keep it clutter-free. The wall-mounted system includes a wooden drying rack, peg rail, a hanging cotton canvas hamper and a wooden multi-level shelf. Place detergent, fabric softeners and bleach on the shelves to be within easy reach for laundry days. Use the drying rack for clothes that can’t go in the dryer. Hang an ironing board rack to keep your iron and ironing board off the floor. A separate shelf holds the iron and hooks hold the board. Some of the shelving is wide enough to hold spray starch cans and water spritzers too.

A doggy toy basket shaped like a dog bone is a decorative way to keep Fido’s toys neat and organized. The lid stores them out of sight. Toss in the chew toys, fetching balls and stuffed animals. You might even be able to train your dog to put the toys away. The basket can be placed on the floor in a den, laundry room or bedroom.

Stay organized with family schedules with a large calendar whiteboard or a chalkboard. We have several different types to choose from at Pottery Barn. Write appointments and reminders on the board and place it near the back door. A quick glimpse each day will keep the whole family on schedule. The board is a good place to put menu plans for each week. This helps with grocery shopping and minimizing extra trips at the last minute. Wipe the board clean at the end of the month and start a new one. Or if an appointment changes, just make the correction. Write a note of encouragement to start the morning out right or put a motivating quote on the board.