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Galvanized Organization System

If you like simplicity and clean lines in your room decor, the Galvanized Organization System we offer at Pottery Barn is an ideal option to install in your home. The effortless blend of function and style has resulted in a system that fits into virtually any room easily. In spaces, such as your kitchen, laundry room and home office, adding these system components to your rooms has never been easier.

Mix and match the components of this build-your-own system. Do you need a place for mail and bills? Choose a three-tier letter file bin made out of galvanized metal. Combine the letter file bin with a magnetic clipboard for a winning organizational system in the kitchen. These pieces mesh beautifully with other elements you may already have in the kitchen, such as pulls and knobs and hooks on the walls.

Bring order to your home office with these trendy organization pieces. A galvanized desk caddy and galvanized file stand are suitable for placing on both desks and filing cabinets, giving you a place to keep all of your most important papers within easy reach. We understand that you want your office accessories to stand up to everyday use. With galvanized iron, you won’t ever have to worry about durability. A wood handle at the top of the desk caddy makes it easy to grab the caddy to take it with you to other rooms in your home. The file stand features four roomy compartments that are large enough to accommodate full-size file folders.

In the kitchen or laundry room, handle trash and recycling needs easily with galvanized recycle bins and trash cans. Our recycle bin features casters so it slides and moves as necessary. Wood handles also make it a breeze to tote the bin where you need it for easy emptying. The bin is ideal for gathering papers for recycling. The same sturdy features are also present in the galvanized trash can. Wooden handles make it easy to carry the trash can, and it’s roomy enough to handle a sizable amount of throw-away items. In the laundry room, the galvanized iron complements other laundry accessories such as shelving, carts, bins and drying racks.

Keep track of your family’s daily, weekly and monthly activities with a galvanized whiteboard calendar. Framed in strong galvanized iron, you can be sure that this calendar will stand up to years of use. Magnetic clips are also included for even more functionality. This makes for an ideal addition to your mudroom or entryway, mounted near entryway storage benches and entryway systems. Whether you choose to mount just the whiteboard calendar or you need hooks and magnetic clipboard, this modular system is a functional solution for your busy family.

If you prefer the more traditional look of an old-fashioned chalkboard with these galvanized pieces, we have something for you too. Framed chalkboards are available in small and large sizes. Mount a chalkboard along with a framed corkboard for even more functionality. The framed corkboard makes for an ideal spot for pinning up recipes, to-do lists, invitations and reminders. You’ll never misplace papers or overlook important events with a corkboard ready on the wall.

The trendy simplicity of galvanized iron just works in almost any room of the home. You can enjoy bringing order into your home with these pieces. Built to stay strong, the Galvanized Organization System can become an integral part of your home command center or home office for years. For everything including hooks, magnetic boards, whiteboards and desktop filing systems, mix and match your pieces to fit your family’s unique needs.