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Office Storage for an Organized Work Space

Optimize your home office for productivity with office storage solutions from Pottery Barn. The right office furniture and organization items can make your workspace stylish and comfortable, so you can get more done.

Ideas for Office Organization

Whether you're working from home or creating a school presentation, an organized space looks nice and may help improve your focus. Plus, it ensures that all your essential items are easy to find and access. Check out these office organization ideas:

  • Use a two-drawer paper organizer to keep documents in order. You could also use the organizer as an inbox and outbox for snail mail.
  • A pinboard can be mounted on the wall and used to keep important notes in clear view. You can also use it to display photos.
  • If you have lots of papers to organize but not much home office space, a two-drawer filing cabinet may be a good solution. These cabinets come in traditional and lateral styles to suit your space. Some lateral file cabinets have shelving on top for even more storage.
  • A modular wall organization system is another space-saving option for your home office. These systems contain wall shelves, hanging bins and other items that let you create a configuration that fits your needs.

Office Furniture Options

An important part of any home office is the furniture. Pottery Barn has all kinds of office furniture from which to choose, such as desks, chairs and office furniture collections. Here are some tips to help you select the right pieces for your home office:

  • Consider the size of the room when choosing a desk. If your office is large, an oversized desk can help you fill the space. For small rooms, you could choose a corner desk. There are desks with compartment and drawers and those specially made for computer use. If you want something simple, a writing desk may fit the bill.
  • When shopping for an office chair, look for something ergonomic. If you sit for extended periods, an ergonomic chair can help keep you comfortable throughout your entire workday. Pottery Barn has office chairs that are both comfortable and stylish.

Update Your Home Office

Discover the office storage essentials and furniture at Pottery Barn to find plenty of options. Whether you're starting from scratch with an empty room or want to give your existing home office a makeover, Pottery Barn has everything you need.