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Jewelry Boxes and Displays

At Pottery Barn, we know that storage should be just as stunning as your home and accessories. That’s why we developed a gorgeous line of jewelry boxes and displays that make each piece even more striking. With our accessories storage, you can display rings and bracelets just like the fancy high-end boutiques or keep finer pieces under wraps and safely secured. Whether you have a large built-in jewelry organization space or a small countertop, we have pieces to suit your needs and preferences. Our jewelry boxes and displays keep your jewelry collection organized, so you can see your entire collection at a glance and pick out the ideal pieces.

When it comes to organization, jewelry boxes add significant storage space for all of your treasures. Glass and mirrored jewelry boxes offer a contemporary touch and reflect light for an airy atmosphere that lightens dark rooms. Some of our boxes feature one large compartment while others offer drawer space to keep certain items separate. For your most valuable jewelry, we offer safes that feature a digital lock to keep your items secure. From wood finishes to leather construction, we have a material that is sure to put a smile on your face every time you put your accessories on.

Determining the type of jewelry you want to store will help you decide which storage option is best for your needs. Jewelry boxes are better suited to rings and bracelets while jewelry stands are particularly adept at displaying dangling earrings and draping necklaces. Display your jewelry like the pros with sculptural hands that are ideal for showcasing bracelets and necklaces. Featuring a bronze construction, these pieces are as durable as they are stunning. If you are short on space, wall-mounted jewelry boxes and hangers are the best solutions. They add extra storage without taking up counter space so you still admire and organize your collection.

Add jewelry trays and bowls to nightstands, entryways and bathroom counters to offer easy storage in the places you take off your jewelry. A trinket tray in the bathroom makes it easy to remove wedding and engagement rings when washing hands so you never worry about it slipping down the drain. Catchalls are particularly suited to entryways since you can toss in business jewelry, keys and sunglasses for easy access every day. Gold and leather trays add a touch of sophistication while ceramic designs create a casual and laid-back look.

Mirrored wall cabinets are ideal for storing jewelry and many of our pieces feature expertly designed sections to keep things neat. Our wall mounted mirrors feature a locking slide-out panel with ten hooks to keep your necklaces and other jewelry organized and tangle-free. The molded wood frame adds style to the bedroom or your bath. For even more storage, opt for an over-the-door jewelry mirror. This space-saving organizer has a spot for every last accessory in your collection, from earrings to bracelets. It locks securely and features a mirror on the front so you can check your outfit before heading out the door. Because you can see each piece easily, you can add your favorite ones into toiletry bags and cases and head out the door on a vacation or business trip.

Our artisans expertly crafted travel bags to ensure your jewelry stays safe even when in transit. Our travel jewelry portfolios keep treasures organized and protected in a hard-case travel companion that is wrapped in bonded leather. Embossed with a sophisticated texture, these bags are fancy enough to accompany you on important business trips with clients or to an exotic retreat across the globe. In colors such as white, blush, gray and porcelain blue, these portfolios are as beautiful as the jewelry they hold inside.