Digging through tangled masses of necklaces and earrings to find matching sets is frustrating. However, that is exactly what happens when storing jewelry haphazardly in a drawer or on a dresser. Our storage options at Pottery Barn help you organize jewelry pieces so they stay beautiful and easy to locate.

Jewelry boxes keep necklaces, rings and earrings separated so they don't get entangled. We offer a variety of styles, from large armoire style boxes with multiple compartments, to more compact, travel jewelry carriers. Choose a design that has a large side compartment to hang necklaces, or an antique-style glass box that allows you to see what's inside.

Another way to organize jewelry is with a display stand that puts your pieces on display for all to see. Hang a wall mount stand in your closet and keep matching sets together so all the pieces are easy to find. Cloche storage pieces look beautiful on top of dressers and come in different sizes to hold multiple pieces of jewelry at once. Decorative ring holders in the shapes of animals make nice accent pieces in bathrooms and prevent rings from getting lost.

Jewelrytraysand bowls help corral all your pieces in one place until you have a chance to put them away. Available in a number of designs and finishes, they look like nice accent pieces in any room, and serve a functional purpose. Keep your jewelry organized and beautiful so you can wear it for years to come.