Kellan Collection

The Kellan Collection takes clutter away by providing simple organizers to keep things in their place even on the busiest of days. Each piece is carefully constructed to last and to create order with big families or just one person. Getting organized or staying organized is a breeze when you have the right equipment from our selection at Pottery Barn.

A steel shoe rack is finished with a bronze overlay and rests on the floor. Two tiers allow you to stack several pairs of shoes neatly in rows. Keep it in a laundry room or garage to store shoes and work boots out of the way. The shoe rack is a good place to store sports cleats or skates too. No more fumbling around to find them before practice or a game. An entry bench situated nearby will help family members to be able to sit down to put on or take off shoes comfortably. Some of the benches have extra drawers or ledges for more storage. Shin guards, sports gloves and head gear can be tucked on the shelves.

The coat rack comes with a row of eight curved hooks placed across a sturdy wooden plank. Hang this in an entryway, hallway or mudroom to hang book bags, coats and jackets and to keep them off the floor. Kids can toss their jackets on the hooks much easier than trying to find a hanger in a closet to put it away. This way they are much more apt to use the coat rack. A pinboard or chalkboard hung beside the coat rack is a great place to put reminders and notes. You could remind kiddos to hang up their coat or to do their homework. Remind the hubby to pick up the dry cleaning after work. Wish your family good luck for the start of the day or send happy thoughts before they head out the door. The boards are an excellent location to send positive vibes by displaying handmade artwork, good report cards or rewarding sports photos of a soccer goal scored or a gymnastics feat.

Use the metal wall-mounted shelf to store small items. Woven baskets are ideal containers and catchalls for gloves, keys and glasses. Those with lids keep the contents out of sight and can be stacked. Handles on baskets make them easy to lift off the shelf and move around if necessary. Line up matching baskets across the shelf for a tidy appearance.

The wall storage organizer is made of open wire construction with three shelves and a towel bar below. It is the ultimate in storage. Drape tea towels over the bar for quick hand-drying or wiping up spills. The tea towels come in beautiful patterns and prints so you’ll want them displayed out in the open. Seasonal tea towels are great accents during the holidays while other towel patterns are suitable for all year long.

Galvanized canisters and ceramic crocks are great storage containers to place on the organizing shelves. Stow away dog cookies, people cookies and cooking staples like tea bags or coffee beans. The containers are functional and decorative. The shelves are a good spot for keeping a recipe box or notebook for quick reference. You could also put an oil diffuser on one of the shelves to absorb the scented oil and then emit the fragrance into the air. No flame is needed with diffusers. The reed sticks do the work naturally while resting in clear glass bottles. Just rotate the reeds periodically and replace the oil when it’s used up. Choose from seasonal scents to nature aromas or fresh, clean scents.