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There are few people who enjoy doing laundry each week. Spending hours in the laundry room sorting through loads of clothes, finding space to hang, fold, dry and iron, not to mention store the variety of soaps and detergents, all amounts to a tedious afternoon. Fortunately, Pottery Barn has some simple storage solutions that can at least make the job a little easier.

Make collecting and sorting easier with laundry baskets and hampers you can place around the house for family members to deposit their clothes throughout the week. Put the Perry Divided Hamper in a kid’s room or bathroom so they can sort their own clothes into lights and darks, making it easier when you start the wash. Our Chrome Hamper has a shiny finish and wheels on the bottom so you can push the entire thing to the laundry room.

Keep supplies in the proper places with wall organizers like the Kellan Wall-Mount Storage Organizer, which features three shelves where you can keep soaps, fabric softeners, bleaches and other necessities, and a bar underneath to hang towels and other items. The Wallmount Drying Rack includes an expandable rack with several rungs to hang clothes on, and an upper shelf to store supplies.

In a large laundry room, hang the Gabrielle Laundry Set on the wall. The rail-and-peg system includes a hanging canvas hamper, a drying rack and shelving system. You can also hang clothes on hangers on our New York Closet Clothes Rack, with space for several different items and a spacious bottom shelf for storage. While we cannot make doing laundry fun, we can help you organize your laundry room.