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Laundry Room Storage to Streamline Your Life

Laundry room storage can improve your entire week by making that one day a whole lot easier. The serious reality about laundry is that it's never truly done. You're always wearing something that needs to be washed eventually--even while putting away that last pile of tees or socks. The key to this carousel of dirty clothes is to make the actual act of doing the laundry easier, maybe even satisfying or joyful. A gorgeous laundry room gets you there. Start transforming your relationship to laundry right now. After all, it's one relationship you'll have for life.

Get The Basics of Laundry Room Organization

Elevate your laundry experience immediately by getting better versions of basic laundry room storage. Look for systems that are smarter, more lightweight, designed to please the eye and quick to use.

  • Try a hanging canvas system. The canvas bags let you play with that cottage-like aesthetic of laundry as this breezy, crisp undertaking that fills your home with lilac scents and sharp, folded corners. An ivory canvas that you can personalize with embroidered laundry labels makes the fantasy a reality.
  • Treat yourself to beautiful hampers and baskets. If you have anything plastic for sorting laundry, just recycle it right now and replace it with gorgeous lifestyle pieces like a wicker hamper, a lidded woven basket for towels or a wide-mouth straw basket with chunky, easy-to-grab handles.
  • Lift everything up off your counter or folding space. It's a lot easier to use the surface for its intended purpose when you have a charming spot nearby for detergents, essential oils, lint brushes and other laundry sundries. Check out galvanized tin cubbies that float or shelf systems with lightweight hooks.

Discover Clever Ways to Store and Save Space

In a perfect world, you put your clothes in one machine, put them in another, fold and you're done. In your perfectly imperfect world, you need space for so much more. Where are you going to put hangers, belts, stain pens, solutions to remove grass, peanut butter or red wine, plus a different detergent for blacks and an at-home dry cleaning system--at the least?

  • Make room for a laundry cart. This magnificent piece is partially laundry room storage, thanks to hampers in the main compartment and partially surface space. The whole thing wheels where you need it, so you can keep decorative jars with laundry doo-dads close at hand at any stage in the cycle.
  • If your iron-board hanger doesn't also have a shelf for your iron, you might as well start from scratch. Imagine one single, stacked, wall-mounted piece of less than a foot that stores your ironing needs. Get it now.
  • Add a sophisticated touch with a clothes rack. This storage solution looks like it belongs in an urban loft space, but it really just makes hanging clothes incredibly fast, especially compared to the folding, then the sitting-in-a-pile-waiting-to-be-hung thing too many people do.

Upgrade Your Laundry Tools

Give yourself the final edge towards sublime laundry joy with an arsenal of convenient tools. You deserve the travel steamer, the stand-up steamer for big nights out and an ironing board or station that makes everything you iron look like you had a couture house prep it for you. Take your look and your laundry to the next level with the world of solutions at Pottery Barn.