New York Closet

A well-organized closet can take clutter out of the equation and make your bedroom a neat and tidy retreat. The New York Closet Collection includes a wide range of shelving units, racks and other must-have accessories that can transform even the most chaotic clothes storage into a practical, mess-free space. There are even coat racks that can hold multiple garments and free up some room in your warm and welcoming entryway.

Add a portable closet to smaller bedrooms that are short on storage with a clothing rack. Get the most use out of your walk-in closet by installing rustic shelves with wrought-iron supports, and then topping with baskets to organize your seasonal attire. Show off your favorite footwear and keep them free of scuffs and stains on a shoe ladder or rack. Be sure that your ensemble is ready for a night on the town by taking a head-to-toe glance in a floor mirror.

Make your New York Closet accessories even more functional by pairing them with a space-saving laundry solution, like a lined hamper or handled tote. Pottery Barn also offers a large inventory of office accessories to cut down on the clutter in your work space.