Office Accessories

At Pottery Barn, we know that creating a stunning yet functional office space enables you to focus on the tasks at hand. With our office accessories, we make sure you are ready to conquer the day and meet even the tightest deadlines while staying neat and organized. When it comes to home organization and storage, you need to keep in mind style and size. You want to make sure you have enough storage for the essentials without crowding the surface of your desk or workspace. A lazy Susan is a terrific addition to desktops and keeps everything from paintbrushes to pens and pencils in one easy-to-find spot.

Our collection of bins and baskets offers versatile storage to suit just about any office needs. For elegant offices where you host clients, woven basket organizers can be a stylish way to display books and resources on a bookshelf. For artist studios, canvas bins present a simple touch to rooms where the creative juices are constantly flowing. Pair woven basket organizers with a similarly styled recycling bin to keep your home office environmentally friendly. Add a desktop tray or two to your arsenal so you can keep track of documents that still need to be addressed or cases that have already been completed and are ready for filing.

Our desk and wall organizers are available in a range of materials including saddle leather and wood finishes in light and dark colors. For upscale offices that need a fancy touch when welcoming clients, the rich look of leather adds a touch of warmth and elegance. You can even opt to match trays and wall storage to the finish of your desk for a cohesive look. For an artist’s studio or garden office, wall mounted wire baskets add an industrial touch that is both casual and refined. A three-tier modular system is useful when keeping track of correspondence and can be mounted alongside the entry to your office or right above your desk.

No home office is complete without pinboards and chalkboards to help you jot down notes and thoughts. A linen pinboard adds contemporary style and is ideal for pinning up notes and family photos to help you get through the toughest days. Chalkboards add a nostalgic touch and can be updated quickly, making them ideal for fast-paced office environments. Framed boards add a professional touch and fit right in whether your work is professional or crafty. Get into the holiday spirit with an advent calendar that adds a touch of nostalgic fun to your work.

For smaller offices that don’t have a ton of floor space, shelves are an ideal way to increase storage. By offering vertical organization, you can double your shelf space easily without crowding a small room. Whether you need a full bookcase or a storage shelf, we offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs. For small spaces, opt for minimalistic shelves such as those made of glass to further increase the feel of your space by adding an airy atmosphere.

Technology is an increasingly important aspect of most home offices. Not only does it keep you connected to other employees and clients but it also serves as a research tool and resource. With our tech and gadgets, you can keep your devices juiced up and always at the ready in your home office. A tech caddy is an ideal spot to store and charge your devices without having to struggle with cables and cords. If you conduct much business on the phone, a headphone holder keeps your unit charged and ready to go any time of day. A webcam enables you to conduct video conferencing while technology driven thermostats ensure you stay cool under pressure.