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How to Decorate a Home Office

Decorating a home office combines organization, lighting and favorite decorations for a creative, inspiring space that helps you get work done. Because your home office serves as an industrious workspace, your desk and its chair should be comfortable and look great – they’re really the foundation of your office’s overall look. Extra details are just as important, too – the artwork, rug and organization accessories you choose all come together to really transform the space. Consider the size of the desk when choosing accessories, and take style into account to ensure that the decorative colors and textures you’ve chosen blend seamlessly together. This helps you create a cohesive space where you can focus and relax. We at Pottery Barn have put together this guide to help you get your office functioning fantastically and looking its best, too.

Getting Organized

Gathering a grouping of bins and baskets is a surefire way to corral clutter. And, these pieces provide opportunities to add color and texture in the office at the same time. Warm wood and wicker baskets can cozy up the space, while lighter fabric versions create an impression of airiness. A basket with handles made of rope looks sharp and is easy to move. Plus, it’s a great tool for adding some nautical flair to your office. You can keep everything from printer paper to pencils inside attractive storage containers, too, because bins and baskets come in a range of sizes. Some fit beneath your corner desk’s angled area, while taller and wider baskets work well on shelving. For storing paperwork, consider a square or rectangular woven basket that matches the dimensions of the folders you plan to store inside it. A smaller design easily conceals extra charging cables and electronic accessories. You might also choose to store some jewelry in your home office to keep it secure. It’s also nice to have a few accessories on hand to put on if you’re freshening up before a client arrives. Jewelry storage boxes can give your home office a professional, upscale finish. Jewelry boxes made of rich dark brown or black leather look especially striking in a home office. You don’t have to store jewelry inside a larger piece that you love, either. Instead, use it to store and organize small items like keys, craft supplies and other office necessities, like rubber bands or lead for mechanical pencils.

Look to the Walls

Wall organization systems can help you bring to life your innovative ideas for attractive storage and decor. The advantage of wall-mounted systems is that they also hold and showcase personal items like vases, hats and favorite books, allowing you to turn part of your office into a gallery-like space. If your desk is the focal point of the room, get a wall organizer in a complementary color or different texture. A metal zinc basket or wall-mounted caddy looks nice on the wall next to a dark brown desk. For a rustic look, consider a wooden all-in-one organizer with small hooks and shelves.

Additionally, ledges and shelves are popular in home offices. Many fit nicely into corners of the office. They can hold books and other collectibles, and they come in an assortment of colors and styles. A classic wood bookshelf matches a traditional, upscale home office, while a metallic bookshelf looks nice in a modern or contemporary home office. Whether you’re using standalone bookcases, wall-mounted ledge shelving or a combination of both, creating decorative vignettes enlivens the space. Put books and framed photographs on one shelf and a decorative accessory, such as a fruit bowl or a vase, on another, along with your storage baskets.

Do you need a creative, colorful way to stay on schedule? Pinboards and chalkboards help with time management and organization. Like many wall-mounted items, pinboards and chalkboards draw attention to the walls of your home office. Pin up calendars, reminders and mementos to add some color to the wall and remember all your to-dos. To offset the solid color of the pinboard or chalkboard against a solid-color desk, add a potted tree or plant in front of the board.

Office Overhauling

You can organize a home office piece by piece, but it’s sometimes easier to make comprehensive changes at once. For that, consider purchasing office furniture that features customizable components. This allows you to select the exact pieces you need to create a workspace that’s tailored exactly to your requirements, whether you want to add some bookshelves to your desk or need some supplemental filing cabinets nearby. It can even improve your workflow when you know where everything you need is neatly stored away. Choose individual shelving and other components, and make the desktop as expansive or compact as you need it to be. And again, don’t forget about the walls! Look for a furniture collection that incorporates shelves and storage containers in assorted sizes. Wall-based systems that match your desk furniture keep notepads, pens, pencils and other small accessories within easy reach. They’re also ideal for storing baskets, awards, vases, figurines and other decorative items that perk up the space and help you make it your own.

Who knew an office could be such a relaxing place to be? With these useful decor tips, you’ll get the most out of your organized office and enjoy all the special touches you’ve added at the same time.