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Laundry Accessories

Keeping your home looking gorgeous means you need the right tools to help stay organized and neat. Make household chores easier with our collection of laundry accessories available at Pottery Barn. From bins and baskets to shelves and hooks we have everything you need to stay on top of storage and organization in your home. Add a drying rack to your laundry room or bedroom to air dry your favorite pieces. For tight spaces, our galvanized metal and wood laundry racks fold up flat against the wall so you can free up space when not in use. You can also use a rail and peg system to conveniently hang a drying rack.

Make laundry day easier by keeping dirty clothes organized from the moment you take them off. Add bins and baskets to the entryway, bedroom or closet to add bold style while increasing your laundry storage capacity. Baskets in the entryway are great for collecting cold weather gear such as scarves as well as ski socks and warm sweaters. With styles ranging from hand-woven baskets to simple, refined canvas bins, there’s something for everyone. Our woven baskets are handcrafted from natural fibers including seagrass and wicker for a sturdy construction that stands up to the test of time.

We think that life should be fun and, with households full of kids and active adults, sometimes you want the laundry to look and smell tidy, even before you’ve had a chance to wash it. That’s where our baskets with lids come in. Ideal for smelly gym clothes or sports gear, these baskets put a lid on dirty clothes, keeping the room smelling fresh. Many of our baskets feature easy to carry handles so you can tote everything to the laundry room when it’s time to wash. Mix and match several baskets to separate whites from darks or delicates from regular wash items.

When it comes to laundry accessories, no home is complete without some sort of a laundry hamper. A hanging canvas hamper made of pure cotton canvas adds an elegant silhouette to your home. For a rustic look, opt for woven baskets that feature antique bronze or brass clasps and brackets. If you are creating a beach theme, braided baskets in lights hues add airy, relaxed tones to your home. Pair your laundry hamper with a rolling cart to make laundry day fun again. These mobile hampers are ideal for tiny apartments or awkward spaces that are hard to maneuver.

Conquering laundry day means having the right storage for the essentials. By mounting shelves and hooks in your laundry room, you can maximize capacity and your workspace. Use shelves to store irons, dryer sheets or incense to keep the room smelling delightful. Made of galvanized metal, these shelves add an industrial touch to your home. Hooks can be used to hang all of your laundry tools from stain brushes to pens and sprays that keep your whites and colors looking their best. Alternatively, you can mount cubbies above or alongside your washer to store fabric softener and laundry detergent in an easy to reach area.

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. Infuse your laundry room with a touch of glamour by storing laundry soap and related products in glass canisters. Glass apothecary jars add a stunning shimmer to your laundry day duties and you can monitor how much detergent you have so you never run out. Made of blown glass, each one can be monogrammed to add labels or initials to make your laundry room more personal. Select several canisters in varying heights to add dimension and depth. Set glass canisters on laundry countertops or display them boldly on shelves or cubbies.