Oversized Storage Baskets

Storage is often one of those issues that continues to challenge and evolve. Whether you have an expansive home with lots of room or more limited surroundings, you may find yourself often looking for new and better ways to store your items. At Pottery Barn, we think that Oversized Storage Baskets are a winning solution. These baskets serve two purposes. First, they are beautiful enough to add instant decorative appeal to any room. Second, they are roomy enough to hold a wide array of items.

Our Oversized Storage Baskets are a suitable way to hold your extra bedding items. Woven baskets are sizable enough to hold several extra sheet sets so you always have the bedding you need on hand. Choose from an open basket or a lidded one, depending on your personal preference.

Storing offseason bedding can be a problem. If you never seem to have enough storage room for your quilts and coverlets, we have the solution. Our oversized woven tote baskets are large enough to accommodate even the biggest quilts with ease. In addition, these distinctive baskets add beautiful charm to any bedroom so it’s easy to place them in a corner of the room.

If you’re trying to tame the laundry monster in your home, we urge you to consider using our oversized baskets as hampers. These totes can do double duty as hampers. With their carrying handles, you can move them between bedrooms and laundry room on laundry day with ease. Additionally, the baskets coordinate perfectly with your other laundry accessories, such as drying racks and bins.

When you’re looking for a way to calm the clutter in your living areas, any of our oversized lidded baskets makes for an ideal solution. A tulip-shaped lidded basket can become the go-to spot for magazines or books in the living room. Situated right beside a conversational grouping of chairs, you can reach for your reading material easily at the end of a busy day. A lidded basket could also hold extra bath towels for the family in any bathroom.

In the guest room, give guests the items they may need during their stay. Oversized baskets can hold extra pillow inserts and throw blankets. Your guests will feel so pampered that they may never leave. Some baskets even come in delightful sets so you can add appealing decor to the guest room with baskets in various sizes. Baskets can hold hand towels and toiletry items for guests to use during their stay.

Once you begin using baskets for storage in your home, you might find that a whole new world opens up to you. By the fireplace, baskets can hold kindling and wood. In the kitchen, baskets can hold recycling items or even extra canned goods in the pantry. A wheeled recycling bin basket can help take the effort out of collecting recycling items. In the bedroom, baskets can slide neatly beneath beds. Some baskets even feature handy casters, so they wheel in and out with ease. You might even choose distinctive outdoor baskets for your outdoor items. Use the baskets as planters or use them to hold your outdoor items on the deck or patio. The all-weather wicker promises to hold up to the elements from season to season.

From leather to jute to wicker to kiel rope, you have a variety of materials from which to choose for your Oversized Storage Baskets. Select the material that fits with your room decor, and you can be sure that your baskets will add both style and function to their surroundings. There’s no reason why storage should ever be boring when you can do it with baskets.