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Travel Accessories

After months of planning, you finally bought a ticket to Paris. You’re so excited to see some of the world’s best museums and galleries that you can hardly sleep. However, now you face a challenge. What do you pack for a long trip and how will you get it on the plane? Fortunately, we have a variety of stylish travel accessories, including suitcases, wallets and carry-on bags, designed to transport your personal belongings in a convenient travel size.

Before leaving, consider factors like the time and year and nature of the vacation. At Pottery Barn, our collection of luggage and weekenders in all sizes and styles caters to your specific needs. A full-size suitcase may be your best bet if the forecast calls for cooler days and you need to bring sweaters, scarves and gloves, or if you need to pack special outfits for formal trips. If you are traveling in the summer, consider getting a smaller, more compact weekender bag. Weekender bags are large bags that generally have two handles for easy carrying. A bag that zippers or otherwise fully closes is particularly good for placing in an overhead bin or luggage storage area.

After choosing a suitcase, check out the cosmetic bags and toiletry cases to store your cosmetics and showering supplies. A compartmentalized toiletry bag, with separate places for a razor, soap and makeup, makes organization easy when you are on the move. Some bags have integrated hangers for storage in a shower or on a towel hook. Our collection also includes toiletry bags with external handles for easy transportation. They come in a rainbow of colors, so you can get a pink or blue cosmetic bag to match your suitcase. To keep track of your bag, add a monogram of your initials.

Once you have decided on what clothes and toiletries to pack, it’s time to think about other essentials. Browse the all luggage and travel page to get the other essentials. A luggage tag, with prominently displayed contact information, makes it easy to keep track of your travel gear. A passport case, designed to protect your most critical travel document, fits easily into a pocket or carry-on bag. Some even have slots for credit cards and other important cards.

When you are traveling, it is easy to forget about basic chores like laundry. Our laundry accessories page displays handy utility totes and hampers to keep your dirty clothes out of the way as you travel from one place to the next. A laundry bag that ties closed or has a lid is ideal for storing soiled clothing for long periods of time.

If your overseas trip involves business, the last thing you need is to miss an important meeting because your phone or laptop dies. Our supply of office accessories contains portable wireless charging stations, including those with USB portals to charge your phone and electronics wherever it’s convenient. To tune out background noise when you’re in transit or at the airport, a travel-size phone and headphone holder makes an excellent travel accessory. A small journal with a pen holder eliminates the hassle of transporting cumbersome papers and fits easily in a travel briefcase or travel tote bag.

Additionally, our assortment of pet supplies keeps your furry friends just as happy and comfortable as you on the road. Find basics like a dog or cat bed, vest for cold weather and food and water holders. Compact and easy to transport, they ensure your animal has quick access to water and meals and clean easily for convenience. Some come with stands, which makes it even easier to avoid a mess. You can also stock up on essentials like shampoo, towel, brush and other grooming items to keep your pet clean and presentable on the road. Don’t forget a handy pet treat canister to keep goodies on hand when your travel buddy needs a pick-me-up during a long layover.