Underbed Storage and Baskets

Carving out the storage you need in your living areas can be a challenge. At Pottery Barn, one tip we like to pass along is to never overlook out-of-the-way spots, even though they may seem impractical. The space under your beds may seem minimal but imagine how you could use these areas for storage. A queen bed has a whopping 30 square feet of feet underneath the box spring. This is space that you can use to store many items that you want to have within easy reach. Slide underbed storage bins and baskets neatly beneath your beds to make the most of this important area.

We want to make home organization as easy as possible so you’re more likely to use it to bring order to your home. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide variety of underbed storage options to fit your space and your lifestyle. Perhaps canvas storage makes the most sense for you. These boxes are infinitely versatile and are also highly sturdy. You fit them together easily because they are made from cardboard and cotton jute. Once together, these boxes make for an ideal spot for stowing offseason sweaters or even blankets and throws during the summer months.

Anyone who enjoys chilling in bed with a good book is sure to appreciate a little extra underbed storage for reading material. How about a distinctive divided basket that’s made out of beautiful handwoven arurog? With iron handles on each end, you can pull the basket out easily to retrieve your books and magazines. Push the basket back under the bed to stow items neatly out of sight. You might decide that you need to have a divided basket under all of your beds and headboards in every bedroom. Kids would even benefit from these divided baskets because they can hold small toys and other trinkets.

Lidded baskets offer another element of storage that you might want to consider. Durable baskets are made out of natural willow so they have a rustic gray finish that complements virtually any bedroom decor. When you pack away quilts and coverlets or sheet sets in lidded baskets, you never have to worry about dust making its way onto your bedding.

Designing effortless storage is always a win so consider an underbed basket on wheels. The handwoven rattan wicker is both strong and beautiful, and the plastic casters make it a breeze to pull the basket out and push it back under the bed. This underbed basket can be your go-to spot for extra pillow inserts for guests spending the night.

If you have a guest room, add a nice touch by providing extra elements to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Let your guests know to check under the bed to pull out the underbed storage and baskets if they find that they need extra bath towels or other linens. You could even place one or two empty storage baskets under the bed to give your guests some out-of-the-way storage options for their belongings.

You might also consider adding an appealing bedside storage caddy to both sides of your bed. These caddies are constructed durably out of cardboard and synthetic felt. They offer helpful storage, even in the tightest spaces. Slip remotes and your current book into any of the four different interior pockets for easy access from the bed.

The bedroom should be an oasis of comfort and relaxation. With this in mind, we encourage easy organization to calm the clutter that can tend to accumulate in your sleeping areas. Underbed storage and baskets are an effortless solution to help you utilize this important and oft-overlooked space.