Wyatt Workspace Collection

If you have ever spent a frantic morning looking for your wallet, presentation papers, or notepad for a client interview, you appreciate the importance of organization. Luckily, the Wyatt Workspace Collection, which contains organizational essentials like shelves, drawers, chairs and more, answer your time management and organizational needs. They’re also made in colors like white and wood to match any room’s décor. Meticulously designed and solution-oriented, Wyatt workspaces take the work out of storing and organizing so you can get on with life.

At Pottery Barn, we understand the importance of conducting work or running a business from home. Our office accessories keep your home workspace running smoothly. Virtually overnight, basics like a letter holder, garbage can and pencil cup to keep your desk free of distraction. Their versatile, timeless finishes like leather and wood bring elegance and practicality to your work area. They do double-duty as well as a pencil holder that also stores scissors, pens and art supplies. For ultimate convenience, add a phone caddy or wireless charging station to your office setup. Some help you keep your desktop mess-free with integrated pencil cups and sticky note holders.

If you have a vast home library or enjoy showcasing hobbies and treasured collectibles, our ledges and shelves collection may have just the item you need. Search for beautiful glass or wooden stacked shelves to hold books, flower vases, pottery and other delicate items. Shelves come in a range of colors and styles, including simple yet sturdy wood and metal shelving units that hold a household collection of books easily and have versatile color schemes to match various room colors. Closed cabinets keep your books, notepads and other office accessories out of sight in an elegant manner. For a contemporary, visually attractive design, consider getting a stylish and eye-catching ladder wall shelf.

To reduce clutter even more, consider pinboards and chalkboards. Pinboards and chalkboards, among the most versatile organization tools available, serve many uses. Tack them onto a wall and use them to keep track of notes, appointments, meetings and other significant events. You can even use a tile board as a weekly calendar. With the capacity to hold written notes, pinboards and chalkboards are excellent backup tools in the event of a power outage or for when your computer is not functioning. Toss the notes away when finished and start fresh the next day.

To get things under control, or at least make it appear that way to visitors, entryway accessories work wonders. All it takes is a shelf, hooks and floor rack to get your clutter out of the way. Useful items like an umbrella stand and shoe storage, made of wood and ready to finish however you please, look presentable and keep mud and water from entering the house. Put up a sturdy rack with hooks and hangers, and you can keep rain jackets, bags and scarves ready to go.

Whether you need to store clothing or get rid of paper waste, our large variety of bins and baskets have something to meet your household needs. Select an underbed storage bin, such as those made from beautiful wicker or sturdy canvas, to hold magazines, sheets and pillowcases. A basket with handles makes a beautiful laundry basket or container for beach towels and other on-the-go items.

Often overlooked, simple accessories like hooks are ideal for holding clothing, bags and other daily accessories in a dignified manner. Effective in even the smallest spaces, they mount easily to the wall of a bedroom or entryway. Choose from a variety of hooks, including elegant curved or contemporary straight hooks, to match your décor and lifestyle. They come in a variety of finishes, including sleek metals and rich mahogany, to complement your home’s interior and your personal preferences. Life is hectic enough, but with the simple addition of a board or box, it’s amazing how quickly you can organize the clutter in your house and home office. With the variety of organization tools available, you can even have fun in the process.