How to Take Your Backyard Barbeque to the Next Level

Function, style, and chic accents make an ordinary backyard barbeque extraordinary. Bring the inviting look of an indoor dining space outdoors by creating functional and stylish seating and dining areas in your backyard. Accent these spaces with twinkling lights, durable and colorful dinnerware and stylish touches to make your backyard inviting for guests. Throw in a little entertainment that suits your crowd, and you'll host the backyard barbeque of the season.

Functional and Stylish Layout

Transform your backyard into an al fresco restaurant, complete with various seating options for your barbeque guests. A traditional picnic table or portable folding table turns into a chic dining space with the addition of a table runner or tablecloth. Run like-sized tables adjacent to each other for family-style seating. Or, mix and match different table and chairs sets for an eclectic look, placing a traditional outdoor dining table on your patio and tucking a bistro set or kid-friendly picnic table into a corner of your yard. Configure extra chairs or outdoor sofas and loveseats to create relaxing seating areas around a firepit for post-dinner conversation. When you're designing the layout of your space, consider these versatile arrangements for patio furniture.

When you're choosing how to set up your backyard for an unforgettable barbeque, keep traffic flow in mind. If you're hosting a kid-friendly soiree, don't scatter tables throughout your space, which can result in some injuries or mishaps. Instead, create a dedicated dining space and a separate play space for the youngsters. Make sure guests can navigate from the grill to the buffet table and to their seats with ease. Ultimately, use your outdoor furniture as your inspiration as you design a layout.

Practical Serveware

A barbeque doesn't call for fine china, but that doesn't mean paper plates are a must, either. Strike a balance and choose durable dinnerware designed for the outdoors. Melamine dinnerware features bright hues and intricate patterns that add lively personality to your barbeque. This dinnerware dresses up your table because it mimics the look of ceramic, but it doesn't break, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. You can find complementary melamine serving ware that are ideal for displaying your grilled goodies.

Skip your sparkling glassware for an outdoor barbeque and instead opt for acrylic glasses. These glasses add more charm than plastic cups, but they're shatterproof, which means you can be comfortable using them outdoors. Plus, with so many styles available, you can have the right glass, from wine glasses to margarita glasses, regardless of what you're serving.

Entertainment and Games

The difference between an ordinary barbeque and an unforgettable one just might be how well you keep your guests entertained. The right entertainment keeps the barbeque moving, and guests are never waiting around for the grillmaster to be finished. Get guests in the competitive spirit by hosting a few yard games before dinner. Try cornhole, horseshoes or washer toss for some good old-fashioned competition. If your crowd isn't the gaming type, focus on ambiance. A set of outdoor speakers and the perfect barbeque playlist adds the right background music for your event. And if you're lucky enough to have any friends who are musicians, give them a gig. A little live music will make your backyard barbeque memorable.

Finishing Touches

Little extras go a long way in making your backyard barbeque stand out. Twinkling lights add a festive ambiance to your evening event. Place lanterns and string lights strategically around your yard, whether they're running along a deck railing or accenting dining tables. Look for additional ways to add convenience and decor to your barbeque. Galvanized metal accents come in a variety of styles, serving many practical purposes at your barbeque. A galvanized drink tub keeps beverages cold, and a condiment tray and stand is far more stylish than condiment bottles on your buffet table. Try a tiered galvanized metal stand to add height to your food display. These small additions make a big difference in enhancing your backyard barbeque.

When you give your guests a comfortable spot to dine and relax and plenty of entertainment to keep them engaged, you create a backyard barbeque they won't soon forget. Accent your barbeque with decor and dinnerware that's as practical as it is stylish, and you'll host an event that will delight your guests.