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Outdoor spaces have a wild side to them that’s part of their charm. You can’t control the sunrise, the stars or the rain. Lush trees and gorgeous gardens grow at their own pace – although guided by the careful hand of the gardener – and in random directions. Add to that hummingbirds and other fauna that show up whenever they feel like it and you have a beautiful space that’s irresistibly unpredictable. This untamed ambience makes some people think that decorating exterior spaces isn’t really possible or practical. But it’s actually easy, effective and amazing. Pottery Barn’s distinctive furniture and accent pieces are a big help. Here are a few ways to add your signature style to any outdoor spot using our outdoor dining accessories. These ideas are designed to inspire you, and if you have something bold and different in mind, definitely go for it!

Pick out patio dinnerware that’s a reflection of your indoor dining set, and then give it a twist. The idea is to make your outdoor space feel like a relaxed and especially energetic version of your home’s decor. That way you combine your personality with the excitement of being outside. This goes for full deck dining sets, poolside bistro tables or an intimate dinner nook for couples on your apartment balcony. There’s a harmonious theme between interior and exterior spaces.

How do you infuse the outdoors with emotion? Start with color. There’s no need to hold back here. Bright blues, intense reds and oranges, and tangy greens are all excellent choices. They get you in the mood to have a good time, put a smile on everyone’s faces and make people feel more comfortable too.

Use artistic pieces to create the kind of ambience you’re looking for. It could be rustic and Italian-inspired dinnerware, or something fresh that makes you feel like you’re having lunch at a coastal resort overlooking white sand and blue water. Whatever your design vision, we have outdoor dining sets to fit. In fact, our furniture is just as expressive for bringing ocean vibes to life. The end result is a place that’s perfect for entertaining and kicking up your feet.

Many of our outdoor dinnerware and serveware pieces are crafted from melamine. It offers a lot of specific advantages in a backyard setting. For one thing, it’s pretty much indestructible. So if you have small kids – or your friends do – melamine brings you a healthy amount of peace of mind. If little hands drop their plate on the ground, it’s not the end of the world. In most cases, you can just hand them a new dish and toss the old one right into the dishwasher. Plus, melamine is lightweight and easy to hold, which is a plus for kids and adults alike. After the party, cleanup is a cinch. Everything is dishwasher-safe, so you can just push a button and keep relaxing.

One of the main functions of serveware is to get your guests salivating for your food. When it looks delicious, it literally tastes even better. That’s why colorful platters and bowls with exciting shapes are so effective. They draw attention to your food and enhance its natural appearance. Serve Oriental-themed hors d’oeuvres on a vibrant citrus-colored plate to transport company to a Thai resort. Or show off your knowledge of Latin cuisine with chic ceviche in a translucent turquoise bowl.

Our acrylic drinkware adds an airy touch to the morning, afternoon or evening. Start off at breakfast with a glass of fresh orange juice on the rocks in a highball. If friends drop by in the afternoon, entertain them on your sectional with ice-cold lemonade or some handmade cocktails in striking indigo drinkware. And for a nighttime party or a tantalizing barbeque with your best buds, it’s impossible to go wrong when serving delicious margaritas. The great thing about acrylic – besides being shatter-resistant, endlessly durable and dishwasher-safe – is that its UV-safe properties keep colors just as intense during years of use. Its bright and sleek appearance is great for making fashionable drinks look even better.