Bring Your Exterior Decor to Life with an Outdoor Console Table

Storage and style are just a few of the things that exterior tables can bring to your decor. Whether you've got a modern home or you prefer a more traditional look, you can find an elegant, weather-ready outdoor console table for your patio, pool area or deck. Keep reading to learn more about these essential pieces of furniture and how they can make your time outside a little bit more stylish.

Why Add an Outdoor Console Table?

Exterior furniture is often limited to barbecue grills and seating that can stand up the elements. With an outdoor console, you can add some major style to your backyard. Here are a few reasons you should shop for yours today:

  • They're excellent for outdoor storage. Pool towels, party plates and more can all be housed in a stylish two-tier outdoor table. You can even keep extra planters and pots handy for your garden or deck setup.
  • They'll add exceptional style to your outdoor lounge space. Add candles to play up drama or flip on a set of outdoor string lights once the sun goes down.
  • Outdoor console tables make a great makeshift bar. Serve your favorite cocktails or give everyone access to cold, clean water with a dispenser and outdoor glassware. Whatever you're serving, your new exterior console table is an ideal place to put it so everybody can serve themselves.

Outdoor Console Table Styles

Offering storage and good looks designed to complement your exterior decor, it's easy to find an exterior console table you'll love. Here are a few of the most popular options to check out:

  • Two-tier console tables. Offering a sturdy top and a lower tier for storage, two-tier console tables are simple and right to the point. Find your favorite design and create your new outdoor lounge area now.
  • Console tables with built-in cabinets. Providing storage and protection from the elements for things like pool towels and outdoor drinkware, an outdoor console with one or two-door cabinets makes organizing your outdoor essentials easy. Some models even have special spaces for wine and glasses.
  • Buffets. Doing double-duty as a buffet and console table, these are perfect outdoor pieces for any deck, patio or pool area. Look for one that matches nearby outdoor furniture so it'll blend in from the moment it arrives at your door.

Redefine your outdoor decor with console tables from Pottery Barn. Find storage and style that's perfect for your deck, patio or pool area today.