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Accent Your Patio with an Outdoor Side Table

Maximize the style and functionality of your patio with an outdoor side table. Pottery Barn has accent tables in a variety of styles that are specially made for outdoor use. Whether you plan to host a barbecue or just want a place to sit and relax, the addition of small patio tables to your outdoor area provides valuable surface space for drinks and other essentials.

Features of Outdoor Accent Tables

Small patio tables are similar to indoor side tables, except they're suitable for outdoor use. Check out these advantages of outdoor accent tables:

  • Durable: The outdoor tables at Pottery Barn are crafted from sturdy, long-lasting materials. There are tables made from sustainable woods, along with ceramic, metal and wicker.
  • Weather-Resistant: These tables are designed for outdoor use, so they're incredibly resistant to the elements. The finishes on these pieces ensure they can stand up to UV rays and moisture.
  • Stylish: The selection of small patio tables contains an array of styles to suit your preferences. There are modern tables with sleek lines and those with a traditional look. You'll also find pieces with a rustic appearance and those that fit well into a coastal design style.
  • Functional: Outdoor accent tables aren't just stylish but also functional. You can use them to hold drinks, plates and books. Some even have interior storage for stashing towels and other items that you want to keep out of sight.

Placing Your Small Patio Tables

There are several options when it comes to placing your patio side tables. Put one beside a lounge chair to create an outdoor reading nook, or place one near your pool so you can have a place for items that you want to keep nearby. You can even position a side table in between two chairs, or group three chairs around one of these pieces.

Outdoor Side Table Covers

Although these patio tables are made for outdoor use, it's still a good idea to protect them with a table cover when not in use. Pottery Barn has outdoor table covers in a variety of sizes that safeguard against weather damage. There are also covers made for specific patio furniture collections.

Browse the selection to discover the right outdoor side table for your patio. There are also plenty of other items to transform your patio into a stylish space, such as dining tables and chairs, decorative objects and planters of all sizes.