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5 Alternatives to Outdoor Bars

An outdoor bar serves as a statement piece for your outdoor entertaining space and provides a convenient way to serve drinks and refreshments to your guests. But what if you have a small patio, deck or backyard? Consider these five alternatives to full-sized outdoor bars.

An island is a great choice for small patios or to create a more intimate drinking space around a pool. The island can also double as an extra prep space for barbecues. Some islands feature built-in shelving for storing bottles, glassware and other bar essentials. Our collection of stylish outdoor bars includes the Abbott Island and Hutch, which is set on locking casters and features integrated slatted shelving, a cast-iron towel bar and a built-in bottle opener. An island with an integrated hutch that is set on locking casters for added utility.


Buffets feature built-in storage compartments and cabinets, making these pieces of furniture ideal not only for storing everyday dinnerware, but also for serving cocktails. You'll find a variety of buffets in our collection that are designed specifically for outdoor entertaining. These pieces are built on a smaller scale than traditional buffets so you can easily place them in the corner of a small patio or even an apartment balcony.

Console Table

Console tables were once only found in the homes of the very wealthy. Modern versions of these frequently overlooked accent tables have a variety of practical uses throughout the home - including as outdoor bar furniture. They are long and narrow - perfect for placing along an outdoor wall - and usually have a built-in shelf for extra storage.

Bar Cart

Another great alternative to a full-sized outdoor bar is a bar cart. These small tables have just enough room for a couple of bottles and some glasses - perfect for serving a small group of friends. Many carts feature built-in casters for added convenience and portability. Wheel the cart between patio chairs while your guests are enjoying drinks, then roll it away into a corner of the patio when the party's over.

Side Table

One of the best ways to economize a small patio is to use a side table as a drink table. Side tables are available in a variety of styles, some of which are specifically designed to work as outdoor bar furniture. Consider an All-Weather Wicker tray side table, which features a folding base and a removable tray top, or a round All-Weather Wicker side table with a built-in ice bucket.

From simple side tables to buffets with built-in storage, you'll find a wide range of outdoor bar furniture at Pottery Barn to suit any outdoor entertaining space. Browse our collection of bars and buffets to find the right piece for your next get-together.