Outdoor Dining Chairs

Whether you’re having a large backyard get-together or are just spending a quiet summer evening with the family, having the right outdoor dining chairs is essential to a comfortable and enjoyable meal. When it comes to outdoor furniture, comfort is a must, but so is durability and versatility, as outdoor furniture often stays outside for a majority of the year. Durable, yet elegant and classic are words that appropriately describe the outdoor dining chairs available from Pottery Barn. From bar stools to banquettes, your outdoor furniture selection is bound to make entertaining seamless and comfortable all summer long.

Often, your outdoor dining chairs are going to double as outdoor lounge furniture as you have some backyard fun, so you may want to select something that you enjoy sitting in for a few hours. Wicker is often a good choice. Resistant to all types of weather and the elements, wicker is beautiful in its natural neutral color. When paired with colorful weather-resistant seat cushions like sunburst yellow or fire engine red, these chairs have the ability to enliven your outdoor space while providing comfortable seating. If you’re hosting a large party, a dining bench is a terrific idea for seating, allowing guests to enjoy their meal picnic-style. Another terrific and portable idea is a folding dining chair. Use these types of handy chairs on your patio, deck or porch, or carry them poolside to take in some warm rays on a summer day. Alternatively, folding chairs are great in the backyard for a picnic with your family and friends.

Beyond wicker, there are certainly other choices that not only work well with the elements, but boost your outdoor decor. Metal and aluminum chairs are always a safe and classic choice, while other choices include eco-friendly sustainable hardwood. Solid wood construction combined with a finish that resists wear and tear makes for a great outdoor dining chair, so keep in mind that wood and teak are viable outdoor options as well.

For some unique seating arrangements, you can opt for a wicker or wooden banquette. This corner-style seating is perfect for a large get-together on your deck or patio, allowing guests to get comfy and cozy. Outdoor bar stools and chairs are another great choice. Pair these with high-top bar tables, and place several tables with chairs on your deck or patio to give your outdoor space a celebratory, tiki bar feel. Paired with decorative string lights and other subtle touches on a summer evening, your outdoor ensemble choices are sure to be a hit with guests and give you plenty of reason to smile as well.