Fun, sun and cool beverages make for an enjoyable summer. Whether you’re relaxing outdoors on your deck or patio or you’re throwing a huge Fourth of July get-together, having refreshing beverages on hand is an absolute must in the summer heat. You may be poolside with the kids drinking some iced tea and lemonade or hosting an adult party with some tasty libations – in any situation, having the right drinkware on hand keeps the good times rolling. When you don’t want to take your more-fragile indoor drinkware outside but still want to sip in style, a good set of outdoor drinkware is in order. To perfect your own relaxation and ensure every party you hold is a success this summer, Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of outdoor drinkware and accessories to choose from.

For your own outdoor bar or buffet, having a set of outdoor drinkware for personal use gives you peace of mind when relaxing in the open air. Instead of recyclable wine and cocktail glasses, consider instead a set made of Tritan. A shatterproof material that looks exactly like glass, Tritan easily holds up to drops, falls and inclement weather, with no scratches or chips. Tritan is an ideal material to use for hosting an outdoor dinner party; the glasses pair well with the most elegant outdoor serveware and casual dinnerware alike. Choose from wine glasses, cocktail and highball glasses, and tumblers that look exactly like glass.

An alternative to Tritan, you can also choose outdoor drinkware crafted from acrylic. Durable and elegant in any design it takes on, acrylic gives glasses and pitchers a textured feel, and it boasts sturdy construction for margarita pitchers and glasses – especially when paired with a boldly colored rim. Beyond libations, acrylic works well as a pitcher for iced tea and lemonade so you can easily beat the heat, pouring your beverage of choice into a matching tumbler that does not break or chip. Look for different colors and styles of acrylic glasses. These are expressly made for outdoor use, and many of the available glasses have bright, bold colors that easily match a summer theme or your outdoor decor – but you might love them so much you use them indoors too! Purchase each piece one by one, or opt for a complete set for your next outdoor barbecue or get-together. With the right acrylic glasses, you can pour any type of cocktail, with goblets, tumblers, rocks glasses, margarita glasses and more. Opt for a whole set of outdoor tumblers that you and the family can use all summer so there’s no need to use cups from the kitchen. Fill pitchers with water, non-alcoholic beverages or cocktail mixes to keep guests happy throughout your party.

In addition to actual drinkware, when you’re entertaining, you’re sure to find you need some accessories for gatherings and parties. Galvanized ice buckets and containers are terrific for outdoor entertaining, allowing you to keep wine, soda and water chilled for hours so liquids don’t get warm in the summer heat. Choose galvanized tabletop coolers, beverage tubs or buckets to help make your party great. Many of our buckets and beverage tubs also come with included stands with wheels, allowing your ice cooler and your drinks to be as portable as possible. Take the ice bucket poolside or to the grill, or simply place it in the backyard for guests’ convenience. You can also mix drinks or pour water beforehand and decant them into a galvanized drink dispenser. Add a little ice, and the galvanization keeps drinks cold for hours at a time. Mix lemonade or iced tea, or make a party-sized batch of margaritas to pour into drink dispensers. Acrylic and glass drink dispensers are also available, allowing you to serve everything from soda to mojitos all summer long.