Browse Custom Patio Furniture Covers at Pottery Barn

Patio furniture makes enjoying a day in the sun with your friends and family just a little bit better. If you've got a pool or a backyard with a glorious garden, quality patio furniture is also a must-have. Good patio furniture doesn't come cheap though.

Protect your investment with custom patio furniture covers from Pottery Barn. That way you won't have to worry about bad weather making it so that you can't enjoy your favorite outdoor furniture pieces when the rain and snow give way to summer sunshine.

Why Buy Custom Outdoor Furniture Covers?

Your outdoor furniture is made to live outside. That doesn't mean outdoor furniture covers aren't important, especially during the fall and winter months. Here are a few reasons you should invest in high-quality custom patio furniture covers for your home:

  • Custom patio furniture covers provide proper protection from the elements. Too much exposure - especially if you live in an area where it rains or snows regularly - can shorten the life of your stylish patio pieces. Furniture covers are also useful throughout the year since dust can damage your upholstery, or at the very least, make you spend more time cleaning!
  • Custom sizes make it simple to cover everything from long benches and single chairs to oversized sectionals and outdoor storage containers. A good fit is essential if you want to protect your patio furniture from the elements.
  • Quality custom covers look better than generic covers. Having a matching set of furniture covers that provide the proper fit makes for a much better-looking backyard, patio or deck area. If design matters to you, you'll want your patio to look good even when the weather won't allow you to use your outdoor furniture.

What Can I Buy?

Shopping for custom patio furniture covers doesn't have to complicated. Here are a few popular offerings you can find at Pottery Barn today:

  • Covers for chairs and loveseats. Ideal for outdoor seating designed for one or two, these custom covers offer ample protection throughout the year.
  • Oversized covers for three-seat sofas and sectionals. Got a big piece of furniture that's a central part of your outdoor decor? Protect it with an oversized cover that won't let the elements in.
  • Small covers for ottomans, benches and outdoor storage pieces. Just because a piece of outdoor furniture is small doesn't mean you don't need to protect it. Shop for small covers so you can put your feet up on your favorite ottoman or provide comfortable seating to your guests when spring comes around. Some small covers can also be used for outdoor coffee tables.

Protect your wicker, wood, metal or teak outdoor furniture with custom covers from Pottery Barn. Don't let winter weather ruin your summer! Shop today and get the protection and fit you need from our selection of custom covers.