PB Outdoor Dining Cushions

Get comfortable during the summer months. If you have a deck, back porch or patio in which you have even a little space to relax, it can make the summer that much more enjoyable. Along with relaxation comes entertaining and summer dining. Take your meals outside with outdoor dining furniture. With comfort being key, it doesn’t matter if you’re feeding your family or a guest list of 40. Having cushions helps outdoor dining feel as comfortable as an indoor meal. Choose from a wide selection of PB outdoor dining cushions for several different types of furniture, to help make your outdoor meals extraordinary.

Even the best outdoor cushions and pillows wear out after many seasons, so you may need simple replacement cushions that work well against the elements. Choose from several different designs to help complement your outdoor decor. Solid-colored cushions are simple to match with your existing furniture and decor. Shop a wide range of colors, such as beige, red or navy. Stripes also do well for your outdoor dining furniture, allowing you more color choices to work with.

There are also several different types of outdoor furniture cushions to choose from. Look for either water-repellent piped cushions, or opt for tufted cushions for a softer feel. Both of these come in stripes or solids, offering you many choices. When it comes to sizes, of course it’s wise to measure your existing outdoor furniture, but generally speaking, these cushions are made to match standard-sized dining chairs. If you’re looking for specific options for existing Pottery Barn furniture, there are several cushions available that match our outdoor furniture collections.

These cushions are distinctly styled to stand up to the elements year after year, minimizing your need for replacement. For example, the piped cushions have a strong, polyester construction that repels water and resists mold and mildew. These cushions also keep their color for many a season. In fact, color options can help enliven your outdoor dining and entertaining options. As accent pieces, select some outdoor throw pillows in several different colors, so that you can easily switch them out for different events. For example, pastels may work well for the first spring barbecue, while red, white and blue colors are a great choice for your Fourth of July party. As it’s still temperate enough to eat outside in autumn, you can choose warm, harvest colors for fall.