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Outdoor Chaises

At Pottery Barn, we know that everyone needs to relax from time to time. And you deserve it. From the office to the home, you work hard to take care of your responsibilities and family. So treat yourself to a mini-vacation every day with a comfy chaise. Just grab your favorite drink and kick up your feet. Supersoft cushions melt away stress and make it easy to fall asleep for a refreshing nap. Here are some decorating ideas with outdoor chaises to transform your home’s exterior into a haven of peace and quiet.

What makes chaises so desirable for outdoor decor? Well, they’re perfect for any spot where you go to unwind. Chaises are extremely versatile, catering to your preferred hobby. If you’re a book aficionado who likes to curl up with a favorite novel, a chic fashionista in search of a nice tan or someone who likes to snooze for a while with a soft breeze, a chaise is a great choice. A full-length cushion treats your whole body to a day at the spa. And if a chaise has that effect on you, imagine how it makes your guests feel. There’s a reason people can’t resist smiling while relaxing in a chaise. An accent table nearby means you don’t have to get up if you want a glass of ice-cold lemonade or a stylish martini.

A chaise and a pool go together hand-in-hand. You can slip in for a dip, and then lie back on your chaise and let the sun dry you off. All-weather furniture handles the water no problem, and so do our moisture-repellent cushions. A patio is another area where relaxing in the afternoon is highly recommended. Two or three chaises next to each other – or a double chaise – let you have fun with friends or snuggle as a couple. If you have a favorite outdoor spot – like underneath a shade tree – enjoy it to the max with a chaise right there. Live in the big city? You don’t need a large backyard to benefit from the soothing properties of a chaise. Just place it at the far side of a balcony to take in some fresh air.

All-weather wicker is a great choice if you’re going for a tropical vibe in your exterior decor theme. The woven texture transports you to a white-sand Mexican beach or an island spa getaway. Dark wicker furniture seems especially exotic and mysterious, while lighter tones give the space an especially happy outlook. Create the mood that helps you relax the most. A large umbrella overhead adds exciting color to the mix and keeps you extra cool when it’s hot outside. If you’re looking for something sleek and artistic, think about including seating with black metal contours. To give your outdoor space a more informal come-as-you-are ambience, go with natural wood in neutral hues instead.