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Luxurious Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

With the right patio furniture, escaping from life's everyday stresses is as easy as taking a trip to your backyard. Relax with a cold drink in your stylish and comfortable outdoor chaise lounge chair and enjoy the illusion of an at-home tropical vacation.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Styles

Though they all have the same basic shape, Pottery Barn's patio chaise lounges can look very different depending on the base material. There are four main materials to choose from.

  • All-weather wicker is a great choice for a cozy lounger. This beautifully woven material gives your outdoor seating a tropical feel.
  • Wooden chaises emit a rustic and casual aura that works well in outdoor living spaces.
  • While painted wood lounge chairs don't have the same rustic charm as natural wood chairs, these clean, crisp loungers do look lovely next to a garden or pool in the backyard.
  • Modern metal chaise lounges are sturdy yet lightweight and come in a variety of gorgeous dark colors.

Though some can be used with or without a coordinating cushion, chaise lounge chairs are much more comfortable with an added layer of cushioning.

  • An outdoor chaise lounge cushion in white matches with all wicker, wood or metal bases and gives the chair a fresh and sophisticated look.
  • Coordinating chair cushions also come in a wide variety of light and dark shades. Keep it neutral with grays or creams or spice things up with a bright and bold red, blue or yellow cushion.

Special Features

Pottery Barn's lovely patio chaise lounges all include one or more of the below special features which increase the piece's function and utility.

  • Most loungers come with adjustable headrests that let you raise or lower the top of the chair to the ideal angle for relaxing outdoors. Lounge chairs with adjustable headrests can even lay fully flat for sunbathing.
  • Many also come with wheels so you can easily move the chair to follow the sun or shade.
  • Extra-wide double chaise chairs allow you to relax in pairs or give you more room to stretch out.
  • Stacking loungers are a great choice for small outdoor spaces. These chairs can be neatly stacked for storage when not in use.
  • Canopy lounge chairs are the most luxurious of all available patio chaise lounges. These chairs feature a built-in overhead structure for hanging outdoor curtains. With the curtains drawn, you'll feel like you've escaped to your own private vacation retreat.

Perfecting Your Lounge Space

After selecting a gorgeous lounge chair with all your favorite features, browse Pottery Barn's selection of outdoor accessories to finish the look.

  • If you haven't chosen a canopy lounge chair, consider placing a large outdoor umbrella near the chair to provide shade and privacy.
  • To keep snacks, drinks and sunscreen within arm's reach, an outdoor side table is another necessity. Be sure to choose a table that coordinates with the chair's base material.
  • Pretty outdoor accent pillows will not only provide extra comfort but also add personality and style to the chair.

With an outdoor chaise lounge chair in your backyard, relaxation is always only a few steps away. These luxurious loungers let you stretch out in the sun to nap, sunbathe or enjoy a cold, refreshing drink. With great features like adjustable headrests and accessories like accent pillows, you can customize your outdoor lounge space to create the ultimate haven of relaxation.