Enjoy the Luxury of an Outdoor Sofa

Impart resort-inspired luxury to your patio or porch with an outdoor sofa. The selection at Pottery Barn contains an array of patio sofas and outdoor loveseats that provide comfortable seating while enhancing the look of your space.

Outdoor Sofa Materials

One of the great things about a sofa made for the outdoors is the weather resistance. These pieces are sturdy and durable and they withstand moisture and UV rays. The two most common frame materials for an outdoor sofa are wood and wicker, each of which has its advantages.

  • Wood: If you love a warm, classic look, consider a wood patio sofa. Some are crafted from sustainably harvested mahogany, while others are made from mixed woods. There are solid teak sofas, which are naturally weatherproof, as well as faux teak sofas that are made from a synthetic wood that looks just like the real thing and is weather-treated to resist damage.
  • Wicker: Perhaps the most traditional material for patio furniture is wicker, due to its natural look and excellent weather resistance. It's easy to put together a coastal or tropical design style with the addition of this lightweight yet sturdy material.

Styles of Patio Sofas

Outdoor loveseats and sofas come in several styles. There are two distinct types of sofa arms that you'll find when shopping for a new patio sofa -- roll arm and square arm.

  • Roll-Arm Sofas: This style of sofa has gently curved arms for a traditional look that goes with most any design style. Most of the sofas with roll arms are crafted from wicker.
  • Square-Arm Sofas: The square-arm sofa style looks more modern than the roll-arm style, thanks to its sleek lines. There are both wicker and wood square-arm sofas from which to choose.

Patio Sofa Cushions

The cushions on these sofas are made for outdoor use, so you don't have to worry about damage if they get wet. They're also UV-resistant to prevent fading. Patio sofa cushions come in a wide variety of colors and prints, from crisp white to bright red. Simply by changing the cushions on your outdoor loveseat, you can change the look of your patio.

Explore the outdoor sofa selection at Pottery Barn to find plenty of options for your patio. You may also want to check out the patio furniture covers, which safeguard your pieces against weather damage when they're not in use. Although these sofas are weather-resistant, it never hurts to have extra protection.