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Outdoor Planters & Garden Accessories

One of the most enjoyable parts of getting your outdoor space ready for the spring and summer is planning (and planting) your garden. It’s never too early to start envisioning how you want everything to look, from your tomato plants in your backyard herb and vegetable garden to the flowers that surround your house. It’s also a good time to start thinking about the little touches you’ll place around your backyard, patio and deck. In addition to plants and flowers you plant directly in the ground, planters and the plants inside of them have the ability to really enliven an outdoor space, taking your deck from simple to delightful as flowers bloom with bright spring colors. Not just for outdoors (and depending on the type of plants and flowers you enjoy) planters work well inside too, bringing a lot of charm and color to your indoor decor. For a large selection of planters and garden accessories, shop Pottery Barn to help make your garden serene and enjoyable as the weather warms up.

There are many styles and types of planters that work well both indoors and out, and it’s a good idea to have in mind the type of construction you’d like to incorporate into your space. Ceramic planters have an elegant feel and often have painted decorations on the outside to help complement your existing color choices in a space. Limestone planters are another terrific option. These durable, versatile planters are hardy, assuring you they won’t crack or crumble after being exposed to the elements. A solid limestone planter with polyresin construction allows you to display your planters indoors or outside, so you have the option to bring them in when the weather gets colder. Their incorporated plug holes with included rubber plugs ensure you don’t get unwanted water on delicate surfaces, allowing you to drain the planter if needed in an appropriate area.

Depending on your existing decor, galvanized planters offer a rustic, charming look. Our galvanized iron planters are versatile enough to be used indoors or out, and can also double as useful outdoor storage containers by the pool or in the garage filled with tools. Galvanized metal planters also work well indoors or out. Terra cotta planters are expressly made for outdoor use, complete with a drainage hole for direct planting, but they’re great for creating an inviting kitchen herb garden too. The neutral hue of terra cotta blends in well with your existing outdoor furniture, and they look great on your deck, in your backyard or lining yard pathways. No matter the construction, most planters are available in small, medium and large sizes, allowing you to mix and match a set of different planters or to add single planters where you need a bit of fresh decor. You can also place specific planters in matching stands indoors or outdoors to decorate your open floor space.

When it comes to planter-related decorations in your backyard, there are quite a few to choose from to enhance and organize your space. Opt for bird baths or fountains to place in your backyard or on your patio, allowing feathered friends around the neighborhood to come and take a drink. Available in materials such as metal and stone, these fountains easily complement backyard decor. Another charming way to add joyful touches is to place topiaries by your front and back entranceways. Opt for spring-themed topiaries like ducks or bunnies, which are also a welcome sign come Easter. Moss letters also look great on the side of your home, garage or shed. Add your name, initials or another meaningful phrase to completely personalize an outdoor space. To organize all of your garden needs and keep your tools handy where you need them, consider a wall-mounted potting station or a garden shed set that also hangs on the wall. Keep these in your garage or shed so that gathering your gardening needs together is completely seamless.